Friday, February 06, 2009

Vector Image


Tracing the design vector becomes the trend in the graphic designer and illustrator, not only in Indonesia, but throughout the world. Not a matter of surprise, because the vector-based design has many advantages and useful of course in the visual design through a flexible and catchy images.

This such thing is very helpful for beginner, as seen that the development of vector-based design of the world increase rapidly, and the offset is relative to the appreciation of both communities.

Hopefully this blog can provide some information for the benefit and development of the graphics world in Indonesia or even in the whole world, lmao!!! We would also like to express our love and appreciation of the magnitude-to the parties that have helped to share the info - especially children of Ilmu Grafis - so this blog can be created.

Vector ImageWhat Design Vector is?

Perhaps the first question that appears on your mind who have not heard this term. For those who have or have working in the graphic design course will be more familiar with that term. Next we will be explained about the design vector, and do not forget multiformity usage in the design.

Design Vector

In general, in the world of graphic design we can distinguish two major multiformity design, the design-based vector (vector-based design) and design-based bitmap (bitmap-based design). Why should have such a distinction? So you may ask. The reason is, because the software design is to use a different system based on the two categories above.

Design using vector-based calculation for determining the mathematical objects show a design editor. Mathematical calculation includes various parameters of the object editor, such as the Coordinated position, thick or thin of the contour (outline), color fill (fill) the object and various other parameters.

Consequently, vector-based designs have advantages. You can change the shape, size and various other parameters freely without worry there will be a display of quality and quality printed. You will always find the view that sharp, clear, and good design in object-based vector. Nature vector design that always looks sharp is called the free resolution (resolution independent).

Vector to create a more suitable form of geometrical objects of design, such as box, circle, ellipse and polygon. But relatively difficult to create complex designs with texture, as in this picture.

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