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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to create Starbucks logo

How to create Starbucks logoTake a look at that! Does it seem there is Starbucks everywhere? Wherever you turn around, you can see their logos plastered everywhere, from the famous shopping center in this city, the front of the huge famous store until the box of ice cream in the usual small shops.

Have you ever wondered where the actual Starbucks logo came from? What do you see? Hahaha.. forget about it anyway, I'm not suppose to discuss it right here and right now... but I'm gonna tell you how to produce that fenomenal logo with my fav software. Photoshop!

Step 1

Doods.. I made 6 circle layers to create a Starbucks logo of my own. You can see the image below to imagine what should you do with your own step with your own Photoshop Portable CS3 software.

Hire Me?!

How to create Starbucks logo

Step 2

After that, with the help of the turquois line, create another layer and name it star, because we're gonna create it twice, just twice... not three like the original logo. lmao.

How to create Starbucks logo

Position it just like I did.

Step 3

Now, click on the Star Copy layer and add a new layer above it for the place of our text. Next time I rename that layer with Seven Bucks.

Switch to the Custom Shapes (U) tool and choose the Ellipse tool. Make sure that the icon for Paths is selected.

Hold the Shift key to constrain the circle and click + drag a path onto the workflow in roughly the same size as the one I’ve made below.

How to create Starbucks logo

Note :The Green color produced by this hexa code >> #016445.

With the path straightly laid out... it’s now the time to switch to the Text (T) tool. I’m using the font Arial Black.

Read this carefully.. Can you see a little wavy line at the bottom of the cursor icon when you guys hold the text tool over the top center anchor point of the path we created earlier?

How to create Starbucks logo

You'll notice that the standard Text cursor changes to the Type On Path cursor, this is definitely how you know that the text tool recognizes that you wish to type on the path, for God's sake! Go ahead.. then.. click and type your text.

How to create Starbucks logo

Guys, your image should be like this :)

How to create Starbucks logo

Step 4

Repeat the step Step 3 and make some modification to your second text which is Coffee text.

How to create Starbucks logo

Guys, your image should be like this :)

How to create Starbucks logo

Note :The Green color produced by this hexa code >> #016445.

Step 5

Open your Circle Group folder... I send my Arm Layer just above the Black Circle layer and clip that, so the edge of the Arm image hided by the black circle. And so for the Hair, Hair copy 2, Face and Tongue layer, I arrange those layer above Black Circle copy.

OK.. Let's move to the next level of this tuto; Drawing the Drama Queen part! watch this out!

How to create Starbucks logo

After making the 4 dots on the Face layer, with your crazy imagination, try to create like this one :)

How to create Starbucks logo

Step 6

For the Hair part, you can use the Custom Shapes (U) tool and choose Wave to create it.

How to create Starbucks logo


How to create Starbucks logo

With some ugly modification right here and there.. your image should be like this :)

How to create Starbucks logo

I have my own Throne here.. :p

How to create Starbucks logo

My final image will tell you everything :)

How to create Starbucks logo

Note :The Green color produced by this hexa code >> #016445.


haha, this is so cool! i spend farrrrr too much time in starbucks...


You've got me laughing :D
Nice photoshop one :)

Xoxo ♥
Pinkie Anggia

that's so cute result :)
gratefuly thank you for this tutorial :)

mantap mas,,hehehe
aku simpen pagenya,,buat belajar

Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world with a very interesting logo. The logo is simple, memorable, and captivating. Thank you for your tutorial. This logo is so cute.

Keren..... sayang aku ga jago :hammer:

hehe.. boso londo kabeh,,
gak ngerti aku..
mo bagi sedikit info tentang pohon jabon..

tq 4 share , moreover in ramdhan month hehe

@ Herdoni Wahyono : setuju kang :)
@ all : thank you for coming guys :)

Sobat kayaknya jago desain grafis yah.. hehe

gag juga kuk kang :( biasa ajja...

Dua jempol di udara buat Tutorialnya...kreatif dan mangstap.
Sukses slau buat

tak bisa berkata2 lagi deh,,sob untuk tutor ini,,,,,,,top margotop,,,^^,..........................

terimakasii akang berdua... tp agag berlebihan tuu kang :(

maaf saya terlambat :(
pestanya belum usaikan?!

haha... ada ada ajja nii mba'nya... silahkan di monggo... saiia sii seperti biasa ajja dee... mempersilahkan sepenuhnya... monggo monggooo :)

hahaa, aweeesome :) sprry I didn´t comment before, I was awfully busy past days...but now I´m gonna check out all your other posts, too (because I know I can learn smth cool from those:))

wow wow wowww... the missing lady is comeback...
take your time sweety :) i ain't going nowhere :)

that's funny man.. are you affraid of mocking them like this?

that's cute... but wht green...?!?!?!?
why the shirt becomes green and not white?!?!?!

saya hanya bisa melongo karena gak ngerti... xixixixixixix...

@ Dorothy Souhuwat : hehehe...
@ Tika : that's so me! :p
@ old chikal : gpp kang gpp :)

hahaha... that's funny :)

cool :)

i love this tutorial :)

easy and simple :)

Excelente!! Voy a hacer el mio!!

maaf saiia blm bisa bertandang ke tempat akang mba sekalian :(

ini ceritanya plesetankah???

Best place for a Professional and Attractive logo:

Explain how to write COFFEE fuckin idiot

di step 4 tu,..cara merubag posisi huruf kebalik menjadi seperti itu gimana ?? Kok di step 4 langsunga ada hasil gtu ???

maksud ane huruf "COFFE" itu ??

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