Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tablature (Definition)

I wrote this here is not to teach you guys how to skillfully play the guitar but how to get used to know reading tablature, I believe that almost everyone can play a musical instrument, such as guitar, but I also know that's not all people can read even just for stearing at it sometimes at the first sight become down. That's just so you know.

Here I might try to convey you that working with tablature is as happily as play the guitar itself.

First of all, we need to know what Tablature is? Tablature is a form of musical notation used particularly for guitars and other fretted instruments... wikipedia.

Next thing to do is knowing the guitar it self... See the pic below... just look at it carefully!

Then voila the simple tab that you should see...

I've try the best as I could to finish this tab. My friend said probably some parts use seven-strings, but I made it with six-strings.

We're not trying to make it hard for you... just skip the whole part... here i just wanna show you the important thing before we learn how to read it... d'ya see the explanation above? yupp.. that's the part that we should carry on... we'll try to figure it all out... what the Hammer-on is? vibrato, pre bend, release bend, mute, etc...

But for instant, if you wanna know bout this kinda tab here... it's an excerpt from Dream Theater, you could Follow the tab by hearing the recording to make sure the tempo and to play it correctly. If there's any mistake please e-mail me for that to discuss..


When you gotta go, you gotta go! Throw it all away HERE! Lmao!