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Who wins?Metal or rock?For me — there is no battle. Metal is just rock with a bit more distortion and attitude. And the guy that “embodies that” the most is none other than Jack Frost.He’s like a metal god with a touch of motivational speaker. Here’s some cool lessons from him showingyou one of Van Halen’s secrets: EPIC RHYTHM SECRETS.


I like CorelDraw except for this, and this could be the deciding factor as this is such an important tool. If anyone could tell me or point me in the right direction to making the CorelDraw pen tool just as flexible as the painting in white blank ordinary paper just like in school, especially (or) in this reguard...

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Smudge Painting (Soft Smudge)

This is just a new trick while surfing took some video tutorials on the web. It seems one of the new trends today in the graphics is the HDR (high dynamic range) visible and visible effects of cartoons. I see this is very similar to the type of design mixtape.

There are many ways you can manipulate images to achieve this HDR Effect and cartoon looks that we called Smudge Painting, and in this case, Soft Smudge Painting.

There is even a special plugin out there that will help you easily reach. But here, I will focus on a technique I called earlier. With this technique, no need to install special plugins that are not included in photoshop.

You could start with a picture of your choice. I started with a picture that I found on the internet. Do not even have a high resolution. Actually, I do not recommend using a high-resolution photo. I recommend just find an interesting picture of the portrait's face or online, especially since I will focus on the details in the face with this particular technique.

As you can see, the results are not great high resolution photos, but that's OK because we practice new techniques.