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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Digital Painting - Nemean

Welcome to PSHolic in English again. It's been a while, since we had a wild time now. Look at these people! Look at the crowd! I never forget it. I've been an artist my whole life, growing up with the CDs and DVDs, in fact I was in a band until I've met this guys and I can assure you, this is the combination between them. In our stage, it's a sort of.. like I control the chaos.

I have the faith that this act, this post right here is worth one million dollars. Another drop of paint in me. Another Digital Painting technique is being exposed. Listen, the hardest thing in the world is to come out in front of these animals, they are animals, you won't believe 'em, trust us! And get them to quite down for one low voice ..and you did that. You got excellent talent. I love edgy material, I love rebels, let it really get angry, let it really rap with the painting.. 'coz you got the impressions. That was my thoughts.

The key to continue to move on with this Digital Painting - Nemean is move up, it's really good material, but being edgy for edgy's sake will not working if you don't feel it. My point is, just to clarify real quick, you know.. in radio occasion I was doing of my impression of my parents, and the more down-low I get, the more I degrade them, the better America seems to like it. Be stealth! So far.. it's really impressive.

I am going to tell you the story about my friend there on the painting. His name is Tony, 42yrs-old, work as a nurse in a care center, Carry for the elderly. He has been painting for about 10 years with the audience has been pretty much his patients. Many of the people of the care center, they told him: "You should go to America's Got Talent!" Finally this year he told to his wife "Let's do it! Let's give it up to God and let see what happen!"

The family came from Utah and they have been saving money for the trip for the past six months. An opportunity to make a carrier out of painting, Digital Painting in photoshop will be a miracle for this family. And this dream come true, it's gonna be a real changing to them. And when it happens.. it might be that I will be the most happiest man on earth.

As I said to you, when we started this, I am not a AGT's fan. But I don't know what happened, he converted me with that story of his life on AGT. Something is going on here. The emotion in his voice.. I've got every bit of 'em.

He is 42yrs-old, he is the entertainment bug when he was like, little boy, 4yrs-old.. but together, thing is getting your way, just like marriage and children, and you wake up one day and you think 'my life was passed me by'. I never thought that I would have such a wonderful opportunity. I dream big, and this PSHolic dreams big, We are more than just a blog, we are just like a family. And I put my heart my soul in my painting, coz'.. At the end of' the day, this is all I have.. see ya'.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Digital Painting - Girl on the train

Do you guys like to draw so much? Do you feel your Drawing Skill is stuck and quite boring for a while? Do you feel you have a great PASSION in the illustration but are confused about how to develop and study the illustrations correctly? Do you want to feel REVOLUTION in studying illustrations? If the answer is YES, then you come to the RIGHT place!

We of PSHolic have the essentials program that will make you a champ even if you never have a history of drawing at all or feel no talent. PSHolic has a patented, customized method to make you a drawing artist who is not only good at drawing but also knows how to develop it more seriously (professional/career).

The Facts :
1. You do not need to learn Illustration (Digital Painting). To master the true Drawing, you absolutely do not need some called Special Talent or what so ever, Digital Painting can be learned and teached, everyone can learn it.
2. Extreme exercise to be able to handle it. It is a common mistaken and of course wasting time and effort just to practice. A thousand-hour exercise will not guarantee you to be a Master of the illustrations.
3. There is no such thing as Digital Painting Maestro. This wrong concept breaks through that a Maestro a.k.a. Master of Illustration is a great gift given talent is a myth.

PSHolic responds to the challenges of the modern, all-round world of fast and specific, requiring someone to learn the Digital Painting more quickly and deeply (from just a hobby to become a pro). By following our tutorials you will be able to master it correctly even if you have not even learned it or maybe can not draw what so ever, you will find that the learning system here is quite revolutionary and extraordinary radical.

We hope.. After completing the training at PSHolic you will be able to have a new very different kind of  vision with incredible imagination of Illustration or Digital Painting skill.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Digital Painting

Howdy, I'm glad to be back here. This time I will try to show you all the sample of step by step Digital Painting technic I used to do with one of my imagination. Announced for a long time, I begin the update of this series of tutorials entitled "Guide to Digital Painting". Some people already know it, others do not: at each issue a theoretical aspect of digital painting is approached. Let's start with the beginning!

Small parenthesis before talking about the guide of digital painting. I wanted to go beyond making a simple guide (which is already very good I assure you!), that is why I decided to create another blog in Bahasa (Indonesia), PSHolic, an online school and community on learning Digital Painting! So think of going there and signing up. This is the best place to learn Digital Painting!

Before you begin

First, let's define digital painting, this is called "digital painting", that is, painting done on a computer. The brushes and canvas have been bartered for a good screen and a graphics tablet. "Draw" on the tactile surface of the graphic tablet which reproduces on the screen the lines made while preserving, for example, the stylus pressure, its angle of orientation, the chosen brush shape, etc. But here.. You just absolutely can do that with a single usual common mouse like I always do with all my DigiPaint.

The fields of application of digital painting are above all the concept art and illustration. This is what makes it possible to make this infinity of beautiful illustrations that you can see on a daily basis: in certain advertisements, on books, boxes of games, video games, etc ... or to create the universes that you find in your Movies or favorite video games. But the applications can be vast as long as one touches the creation of digital images: matte painting, graphics, etc ...

The speed painting is actually a digital painting realized in an assignment (approximately less than 2 hours), as fast as possible. Its rendering is necessarily less pushed and the emphasis is on the technique and the speed of realization. Some digital artists excel in this field and are able to paint magnificent works in an hour or two.

Here are some examples of truly brilliant digital painting to help you better understand what I am saying..

Finishing Touch

The things you have got to do is is to pay more and more attention to other details to make the picture look good and smooth, the slightest shortage is reasonable because it is only limited to it. The first work of all (your paint) does not require to be perfect as the reference you used or the original picture that is actually the uniqueness of its own uniqueness.

I guess it's going to have to hurt, I guess I'm going to have to cry, and let go of some things I've loved to get to the other side.. I guess it's going to break me down, Like falling when you try to fly, it is so sad but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life starts with goodbye.

So.. goodbye.. See you on the other side. (Y)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Smudge Painting (Soft Smudge)

This is just a new trick while surfing took some video tutorials on the web. It seems one of the new trends today in the graphics is the HDR (high dynamic range) visible and visible effects of cartoons. I see this is very similar to the type of mixtape kind of design.

There are many ways you can manipulate images to achieve this HDR Effect and cartoon looks that we called Smudge Painting, and in this case, Soft Smudge Painting.

There is even a special plugin out there or somewhere that will help you easily reach the goal of making it more possible. But here, I will just focus on a technique I called earlier. With this kind of beautiful and easy simple technique, there is no need to install special plugins that are not included in our beloved software, Photoshop. God Speed!

This technique has been widely described by the Photoshop Masters in their respective sites. But there is no harm if PSHolic provides bunch of great tutorials on smudge painting just about to add our knowledge upgraded for the uninitiated as well as reminiscent of the forgotten. :-)

Like its name, Smudge Painting effect is designed to create a photo to be more like a shiny painting what so ever. In this particular post, you guys all absolutely can see bunch of Indonesian girls here that I used as references. By the way.. they are all extremely nice!

You could start with a picture of your choice. I started with a picture that I found on the internet. Do not even have a high resolution. Actually, I do not recommend using a high-resolution photo. I recommend just find an interesting picture of the portrait's face online, especially since I will focus on the details in the face with this particular technique.

As you can see, the results are not great high resolution photos, but that's OK because from now on, we can just easily practice new techniques.