Monday, February 09, 2009

Dancing Text Animation

Now i just wanna share abot how to create a dynamic creative text animation... how to make that text dancing (look like) in photoshop... still in Photoshop... what else i know!!!

Turn On your computer... open the Photoshop application... make a New Document, New Layer or you just click Ctrl + N, choose #FFFFFF as Background, size? It's up to you... here i choose 300x33, why's that so? Remember about one thing, we would like to create an animation image, so be wise, not to use a big image source...


To make text become more beautiful, it's up to you guys how d'ya want to do against the text, for example it could be seen in this...

In order to create a dancing text, first of all is open the window animation, do click Window > Animation:

Click Duplicated Selected Frames which is in the bottom of the animation box :

Choose Frame2...

In Horizontal Type, pick the Text Effect, here i choose Wave Effect

On Animation Window, click Frame1, the click Duplicate Selected Frames,
drag Frame2 to Frame3 that supposed to be... just drag it...

Pick Frame1, click Tween Animation Frames in the bottom of Animation Box,
leave the default, make them Tween 5 then click OK.

Click Frame7 (one Frame before the last) Repeat that step before to get Tween 5
again for this Frame Animation.

Click File > Save for Web, save the result in Gif.

Well done!

Couple of samples :

Dancing Text Animation

Dancing Text Animation

Dancing Text Animation

Dancing Text Animation

Dancing Text Animation

View Indonesian Version Here!

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