Saturday, February 07, 2009

Attractive Photo Animation

At this time, I wanna show you gow to create an animated photo that is very attractive and practical, using flash. Presenting the image using Macromedia Flash, very simple. You don't need the code like an 'action script' or something... You can use it for a great banner, make a presentation, a header like the look especial work site, etc. etc. This tuts, weww ... forget about that 'tutorial' word! SUCK!

Sharing this opportunity [hell yeah, that word is more comfortable, lol] also provides how does to import graphics, images, etc. into flash application, how to change image form or the image into movie clip symbols, how to use the Free Transform Tool for manipulating images before, and more.

First step :

Open any image you wanna use to animate... here I am... Lmao!

2nd :

Open New Document. Press Ctrl+J, widht 300 pixels, height 200 pixels. Choose any color you want to apply the Background, choose 32 for this set, Click OK.

Third step :

Go to File > import > import to stage (Ctrl+R) then import the image to that new blank document.

4th :

When we still get the image selected, Ctrl+K (align panel) do this thing:

1. Make sure the Align/Distribute to Stage active
2. Hit Align horizontal center button
3. Kiss Align vertical center button

Fifth :

Again and again, when the photo still selected, hit F8 (to change image into symbol) directly you'll get the Movie Clip Symbol

Sixth :

Click frame 15, 40 and 50, go on hitting F6

7 sign :

Go back to 1st Frame, choose Free Transform Tool (Q), do this thing!

8 Balls :

Pick Selection Tool (V), put the image on this position

After that, do not forget to drink up your cold beer or something...

Step 9 :

Back again, you should pick Transform Tool (Q), do this:

10 :



Step 11 :

Hit frame 15, choose again Transform Tool (Q), decrease one more time your image..

12 O'clock :

Do this with : Transform Tool (Q)

Step 13 :

Choose frame 40, kiss the Selection Tool (V), click once the image to make sure that the image seleced. Go to Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3). Open your eyes, on the right side, you guys could see the Color Menu, pick Alpha, drag to 65%.

Step 14 :

Do the right click anywhere you want in grey areabetween frame 1 and 15, frame 15 and 40 and frame 40 and 50 in timeline, choose Create Motion Tween from the Menu appeared. Look at the bright side...

Step 15 :

Go back again to frame 15, re-open Properties Panel (Ctrl+F3), do this thing:

It's a wraaaaaaaapppp!

Download Sample Here!


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