Saturday, February 14, 2009

Guitar Tuning

There are a lot of guitar scales to get your head around! The theory behind guitar scales is very easy to grasp. Before we start the training, there is something that we should do, tune the guitar..!!! Hell yeahh... This is important because I met many many people in the hang-out place, a.k.a. tongkrongan-tongkrongan, they do not tune the guitar first, so it sounds flat, even just make the headache burning our brain.

1. Identify the tone chord with 1 standard tool that has been ringing up to get the E (1st string E (E = 0))
2. Place the index finger on the fret 5, chord 2 then press, strum at the same time chord 1 and 2 (2nd string B (0 = E))
3. Place the index finger on fret 4, string 3, quotation at the same chord 2 and 3 (3rd string G (0 = B))
4. Place the index finger on fret 5, string 4, and the quotation at the same chord 3 and 4 (4th string D (0 = G))
5. Place the index finger on fret 5, string 5, and press, and at the same chord 4 and 5 strummed at the same time (5th string A (0 = D))
6. Place the index finger on fret 5, string 6, the same time string 5 and 6 strummed (6th string E (0 = A))

Here's the complete version...

= indicates the position on the open string
= indicates the chord pressed when it strummed


  1. Ah, my husband knows a little about guitars. He and his son play blues music. See his site: Anyway, let's ex-links with my blog instead of my anaps journal. Here is my link: See you there. I'll link you up.

  2. nice tut, but about the language...???

  3. @ ana : actually this site is not for guitar stuffs, i dedicated it to all of the peoples who need to know more about design and everything concern in photoshop or something... the tablature thing is just an additional, but if that could make opened a new world too... it's awesome...

    i added both of you in my FCDB list... check that out... and happy blogging friends!!!

    @ anonymous : i apologize for that Sir... thnx for the complain... i'll do my best... thnx.

  4. By the way, thanks for your kind comments. I appreciate it.
    As for your language, don't worry you speak English just fine. We are all in the learning process after all since it is our second language. Blogging helps for sure. Okay see you around!

  5. I agree... "nongkrong" but do not tune the guitar just make bad nois..

    setujuu :D

    keren blognya.. pake bahasa inggris pula.. :D

  6. @ Ana : agree with you Ana, we're in learning process... thnx for comin' even your rocker husband didn't recieve me as guest there... :(

    @ Mozink : iyah kang cma bikin ribut blang bentong gajebo...
    inglis? belajar kang, klu gk gtu gk blajar2... plus itu juga demi sesuatu yang hingga kini gk pernah bsa saya dapet kang :( hiks hiks hiks...

  7. Dude, I'll sustain an high "E" for you today! Do you know how long I've played guitar? How does thirty years sound? My main axe is a 1975 black Stratocaster run through a Fender twin amp. I also keep another three tone sunburst on the side. Have a great day man.

  8. that sounds crazy Sir... lmao!
    but that's obviously a must... i meant that's normal for a gig like you are... 8hours a day? never enuf!

    thnx for comin' Sir, realy apreciate it.. so how's your wife been doin'?

  9. i like this guitar stuffs... thank you, nice blog :)

  10. sama-sama en moga bermanfaat mba'...

  11. nich ga nyediain chord nya ipang bip pa ya
    sediain donk

  12. kaga ngarti kang saiianya sama yg satu itu :( weeee...


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