Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Our Pattern Bank

Our Pattern BankAs mentioned clearly in wikipedia, the most basic patterns are based on repetition and periodicity. So, you guys don't need a huge file to get a great wallpaper for your image background or something, with just a tiny lil cute thing, then you repeate it with the help of photoshop ofcourse to cover all your work area. Voila.. You've seen earlier what I've done with that.

That's it and that's all! A single template, or cell, is combined with duplicates without change or modification.

Some of patterns samples you can download from the Recreating Patterns tut :

View Tutorial about Recreating Patterns or you can take a peep at Carbon Fiber Look tutorial to learn how to create and apply these such lovely things.

Do not forget to visit our Pattern Bank here too!

Enjoy and have a nice day!


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