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Friday, November 20, 2009

Out of Order

Out of OrderThe two photographs for the spread in this page were taken again and again by the time of the PLN's power outage in Jakarta, Kebayoran Lama - City of Entertainment, GOSH!!! Located in the prestigious club area, the Kebayoran Lama is the ultimate in the life of luxury enjoyed by the elite who are members of PSD Holic.

Not quite hard but.. obviously need a great passion as well as a truly huge patient to get the image just like in this page were telling you.

Not only a chosen few are invited to become members of PSD Holic, a sign that one has reached the very pinnacle of success, you are never in want of anything, because this is OUT OF TOPIC!!!

Out of Order

Out of Order

Out of Order

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I'm imagining a picture, but many have not met the formula

yang sulit di cari memang ide nya kang... dan biasanya ide itu muncul di waktu yg gag diduga2 kang... jd nyantai ajja waktu nyari ide sii klu mnurut saiia, biarin ntar juga dia dateng sendiri :)

Apa kabar, Gen? Ini posting apaan sih? Review ya?

yang jelas imagenya baugus n keren, ada zidanenya

blognya ga knp2 kok kang? :D mcafee di browser juga ijo indikatornya.. emang dl sempet pasang popup atau banner yg ada scriptnya di blog ini? saya sie biasa aja kemari engga berat kaya dulu :D advertiser dr mana kang?

ooo gtu kang iia... makasii kang iia ;)

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