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Friday, October 23, 2009

Recreating Patterns

Recreating PatternsHve you doods ever wondered how to create an easy way in making a simple pattern or even the hard one in your beautiful magnifique application called Photoshop? Damn! Quite easy and it’s obviously fun.

Remember about Carbon Fiber Look...?? The one that you use to create Tiger Mask??

I used this set for that pattern..

Recreating Patterns

But now... This is the same way you save your work to become It can be use for any other circumstances, Diplacement Map for example... Let me show you how..

Fire up a new blank document. Better in small version, height and widht. Your creation here will duplicate itself to form your beautiful pattern on workflow later. I'm gonna use 8×8px canvas, zoomed 'em up and create a small pattern like this.

Recreating Patterns

Pattern at 3200% view

Recreating Patterns

Recreating Patterns

Using custom pattern

Create a new document after you close all your document you've created earlier. By pressing Ctrl + N to try out the custom pattern. Highlight or select your new canvas, press Shift + F5 to call the fill color box up or you can simply access it by entering menu Edit > Fill.

Recreating Patterns

Recreating Patterns

Here's your 550x413px Simple Pattern

Recreating Patterns

Some of patterns samples you can download from the lesson this time are moved out here!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend!


lama ga ke sini
makin keren postingnya :)
apa khabar mas gen?

saiia baik bunda.. bunda gmn?! mas makin atarktif aja nih koemnnya...
Makin keren...
Hmmm, sekali posting langsung bejibun nih, xixixixi...

iia soalnya emang uda nyimpen lama materinya, baru bisa en nyempetin bin maksa buat oL sekalian posting deee :(

mkin ksini tutornye makin mantap. english lagi
tmplate makin keren

sekalian mo ngambil bukuuuuu. di tunggu ni dpan pintu :DDD

@ Lee Choo : monggo kang :)
@ JT : hahaha... mo ambil buku apa kang?!?!?

Thanks mas...
kadang aku perlu pattern ini untuk mendisain sesuatu...sayangnya di gimp masih agak susah :D

apa kabar?

ini yang saya butuhkan.. terimakasih mas :)

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