Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Vintage Lady Shoes in Vector Gallery

Vintage Lady Shoes in Vector GalleryShoes are items of decoration on human foot, has changed from time to time. The majority of people didn't wear shoes until recent years. Only with the advent of mass production, making available for the first time the cheap flip-flop-type sandal, for example, has shoe-wearing become bla bla bla...

What should I say?!?! Forgot about all that kinda messed information. That's absolutely not here, brotha'. Why's that so? 'Coz we are totally rocks!!! You can leave all that informations behind.. Just sit before me than you'll find out what I meant.

Shoes have traditionally been made from leather, wood or canvas, but here, are increasingly made from imaginations, creative great skill, awesome tone of colors you applied with this kind of software. Photoshop. What else?!?!

There's no need plastics, and even other petrochemical-derived materials as mentioned in great huge pabrics of each its products, lol.

Here we are...

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  1. Saya jadi pangling, kalau tidak salah... koq tampilan blog ini tambah keren?
    Selamat dan sukses selalu sobat.

  2. hanya 'sepatu wanita' kalau ditangan ahli seni dan master adobe photoshop beginilah jadinya.. woww amazing.. makin ga ngerti aja nh digimanain caranya shg bisa begitu..
    salam sukses dari sahabat lama :)

  3. boleh ambil sepatunya dibawa pulang gak? hehe...

  4. mumpung belum banyak yang komentar, milih dulu sepatunya ya...bungkus....hehe....

    bisa buat iklan itu ya? wow....

  5. keren keren hasilnya mas :)


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