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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hell Fire - Remembering

Hell FireIn this photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to make the Fire effect while remembering this Creating Fire lesson that I wrote earlier and apply a series of layer styles.

Here are the steps :

1. Open your new blank document. Here I use 1024x768px, you can use smaller image for this if you want to.

2. Set your Foreground and Background color into Black and White by pressing the D key.

3. Go to Filter > Render > Clouds. Done? Apply the Difference Clouds by going to Filter > Render > Difference Clouds

Optional : Press Ctrl + F 12 times to get the Pattern like this ;

Hell Fire

4. Now by pressing Ctrl + L to call Fire Layer Levels Histogram.

Hell Fire

5. Still with your Background Layer selected, go to Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates

Hell Fire

6. Flip the Canvas to Vertical by selecting Image > Rotate Canvas > Flip Vertical

7. Add a color fire into your image. Click the Create new fill or adjustment layer in the bottom of your Palette Layer

Hell Fire

Fill it with #f06b13 - Solid Orange color

Hell Fire

Repeat Step 7, but this time with this #FC3030 - solid Red color

8. Now's the tricky final part. Change the Blending Opacity for your solid Orange color from Normal into Color Burn and change the Blending Opacity for your solid Red color from Normal into Screen. Turn your Red color opacity from 100% to about 10-20%. Got it?!?!?

Hell Fire

Variations : This is optional. You are obviously allowed to adjust the wildness of the flames by applying, differing amounts of sharpening.

Simply click on the Fire Layer then select Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask

Flatten Image when you are done. Keep Up your Good Work Doods!

Hell Fire

Other samples:

Hell Fire


Buseeeet dah, jadinya samapi gitu yah...???
Mantep bener mas....
Hmmm, efek apinya juga keren banget, serasa asli...

sangar bro tutorialnya...
emang bener mas yg satu ini jago desain grafis..

kerennnnnnn... uuhuhhuhu.. tapi rada serem yah kak Gen.. uhmm mo sekalian minta makan **eh salah ** minta maaf coz Tia baru bisa mampir kesini lagi bis kompie Tia kena tium pirus trus koma ampir sebulan **halahhhh** tapi sekarang udah sembuh kok yahh walo tetep aja koneksinya lemot kayak keong racun xixixix..

sukses terus ya buat kak Gen- jangan lupa tetep keliling jajain somaynya *kaboorrr**

nyoooooooo... gila gila gila gila.... keren brooooooooooooo.... ditunggu tutorial berikutnya

Lama nggak maen sini :D hehehe... met wiken... :D

kayak api yaa, seperti api yg berkobar. wah mau belajar juga kalo santai nanti

Wah.. semakin keren aja disini.. dan aku semakin ketinggalan..
maafkan ku baru sempet online lagi kang.. salam sukses

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