Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Business Card Image Gallery

Business CardAlthough making a profit is a role of a legal or even illegal business, it is only a way of measuring the success of a company in supplying what customers need and want. These might be the physical needs to overcome hunger and thirst of find warmth and shelter. Customers also have other needs and wants such as the desire to be accepted by family, fellas, neighbors and society generally.

When cards are totally designed, in 9cm and 5,5cm in widht and height in Indonesia, they are given bleeds if color extends to the edge of the finished cut size. This is obviously to help ensure that the paper will cut without white edges due to very small differences in where the blade cuts the cards, and it is almost impossible to cut the cards properly without.

Generally these cards will fold to the standard size as I mentioned above.

In today's global marketplace, it is not uncommon for the cards to be printed with English on one side and the local language (if not English) on the other.

View Tutorial about making these Business Card here!


  1. Wow..it's cool...
    I hope, someday I can make this card... :D

  2. I was amazed to create the same in size and become the international standard and made systematically.

  3. he.he.. kereen uey.. keep 'n art yah.. sukses buatmu..

  4. @ Blogger Hijau : makasii kang :)
    @ arkasala : saiia justru baru tau dari pernyataan pa guru tersebut klu ukuran secara international ternyata sama :(
    @ Gravisware : sukses juga buat akangnya iia :)


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