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Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Arpeggio Scale

Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Arpeggio ScaleCan there truly be anyone who ain't fascinated in the very least by the amazing huge crazy sound of guitar effect - the breathtaking ambience, the amazing sleight of hand that make our ears stare in awe?

Actually.. I've already wrote this in Bahasa, and this time I wanted to share it back to you old man, (kidding, lol) but in a different language (just because I’m just that kind of guy).

OK.. I'll just start with Arpeggios. Arpeggio itself is a chord notations that plucked alternately, which is not really a complicated thing, whenever you play on an acoustic guitar and then you play it perfect or a lot of people call it the word beam chord or musical notes and then you shock or strings, then it is Arpeggios.

Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Arpeggio ScaleOn electric guitar, we can easily find this a lot on Neoclassical music, because this is much similar with the notation of the violin, such as Yngwie J Malmsteen, Lee Retenour, Eddie Van Halen or even my fav guitarist ever John Pettrucci, etc..

G Major Chord Scale

An exciting way of exploring the fingerboard further is by way of the Arpeggio Scale. However, before attempting this, first study the following chord diagrams and you will see that they form a chord scale. The root note of each chord is from the G Major Scale = G A B C D E F# G

G Major Arpeggio 'Scale'

The G Major Arpeggio scale acts as an excellent warm-up routine. This will increase your knowledge of the fingerboard thus helping to promote exciting musical ideas for song, riffs and solos. See the image on the left to get the impression :)

I’m only going to remind you here more often of something you already know, size doesn't matters.. Is it?!?! Lmao. In practicing guitar, your finger must be long enough to touch clearly or you don’t have a snowball’s chance.

Enough said. The important thing is don't let the people laugh at you, behind your back... just because your finger ain't longer enuf to touch the rest of the scale board. Lol.

So, let’s assume that you'll never bother with this kinda prob.. That’s OK then..

Extended Arpeggios

The following arpeggios start at the lower end of the fingerboard and finish at the higher end.

Now, you know everything I know (well, plus what you knew before). I hope this works well for you; it is the way guitarists are professionally played for their fans.

Think of me sometime guys while you’re polishing your trophies. I knew you could do it :)

Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Arpeggio Scale Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Arpeggio Scale

Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Arpeggio Scale Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Arpeggio Scale

Hire Me?!

Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Arpeggio Scale Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Arpeggio Scale

Heavy Metal Warm-Up - Arpeggio Scale

See also the Indonesian version of this post here!

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  1. Permainan nada dengan arpegio akan terasa indah kalau di mainkan dengan tempo di atas 1/14 ke atas apalagi untuk arpegio havy metal yang penuh dengan power dan speed. I like it!!!

    Sukses selalu....!!!

  2. kayaknya asyik nih...sayang gak bisa mainkan...
    pic pertama, model touch screen gitu...canggih!!

  3. @ cHugy - gOgOg : bener banged kang... setujuuu!!! tapi... 1/14?!?!? weww... canggih banged tu jari kang... mesin juga kalah :(
    @ narti : saiia juga cuma bisa sedikit2 ajja bun... iia, saiia lupa nemunya dimana itu gambar :(

  4. Cihui! heavy metal mengingatkan saya akan masa-masa paling bergairah, masa SMA! Rock on,dude!

  5. wow hebat...
    sambil mengamati sxan flashback ke jaman dimana saat itu terbuai dengan dunia musik yang mengagumkan hmm...selalu saja ada yang menarik dijaman yang semakin maju
    Sukses Slalu!

  6. Wadowww...
    Geleng2 deh lihatnya.
    Gak mudeng main gitar, wkakakaka...
    Satu2'nya cowok yang ada di rumah saya dan gak tau main gitar ya saya Kang, hahahah...
    Gak hobi sih :D
    Paling banter hapalnya cuma kunci C! Ckckkck... :D

  7. Buset dah ... ni cita-cita pengen punya gitar ini dari dulu blom kebeli :(
    Sorry banget yah saya ngomentari gitarnya :)

  8. i have more often coming here...
    nice article.. i want to try the arpeggios for so long,
    but i have no ability on that.. :(

  9. kok gambarnya gak muncul ya bro?btw,apa kabar nih?tetap semangat blogging ya...

  10. gen bisa maen gitar jugaa??

    keren igh!!

  11. I'll have to show this to my husband. He's actually sitting in the room with me playing guitar right now! He'll appreciate this. Thanks for the tip!

  12. @ Sang Cerpenis bercerita : met pagi mba' :p
    @ tukangpoto : gag perlu nostalgia gtu kang... sekarang juga rock masih ttp ada kuk :)
    @ Bunglon Blog Indonesia : emangnya musik yg ada sekarang kek gmn sii kang??!!?
    @ Ocky Fajzar : gw gambang krong ky, gmn?!?! :)
    @ Zippy : saiia dikit2 ajja kuk kang :(
    @ arkasala : saiia lebih prefer ibanez pa :) kurang begitu suka sama tampilan fender :(
    @ Ovie : it's ok bro.. it's ok :)
    @ AISHALIFE-LINE : maaf dee mba'... itu juga permasalahan nya si mba'nya kan sejak dulu.. :( sekali lagi saiia minta maaf buat ketidaknyamanan ini :(
    @ wi3nd : dikit2 duank wiend :(
    @ Holly : thnx to you too introducing me with your beloved hubby :)

  13. assalamualaikum..
    wah aku sy ga ngerti yang kaya ginian mah.
    tapi " mhn maaf lahir dan bathin ya, jik alebaran ga sempat berkunjung"

  14. Saya gak tahu teknik arpegio, even dulu jadi pemain band, gitaris juga. Ya namanya juga gitaris2-an :)

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  16. Nice post. This gadget is neat! It would come very handy to those who are trying to learn to play guitar. By the way, ty so much for visiting me and leaving a kind comment. The pic u saw was taken months ago before I had my hair cut. My hair is short now.

  17. @ neng rara : minal aidin juga neng... mohon maaf iia :)
    @ Ana P.S. : you look cute as usual... :)
    but i'm so sorry maam...
    this is not about gadget or something.. :)

  18. halo Om...
    Dija mampir kesini...
    mo undang Om ke acara ulang tahunnya Dija yang ke setengah.
    acaranya syukuran giveaway Om...
    ikutan yaaa

  19. wahhh.. bisakah saiia?!?!?!? coba saiia tengok dulu :)

  20. i never play it
    seems hard to learn :p

    Xoxo ♥
    Pinkie Anggia

  21. @ all : maaf saiia blm bisa bertandang ke tempat akang mba sekalian :(

  22. hell... so we share the same guitarist :D for me, John Petrucci is someone kewl, much more than Jimi Hendrix :P

    i like to hear guitar play, but cant play even a single tap. i would rather to pick drum than guitar.

  23. guitar is more interesting dude than drums :)

  24. asli, postingan yang keren banget masbro!

    salut lah buat pengetahuannya :D


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