Saturday, March 07, 2009

Impose picture in Text

Hi there again... how are you today?!?!?! Hell yeah hope you guys all the best, 'coz i'm not so good now, but it's OK... the smoke is running out.. what?!?!?!? that's right, but do not mention it, 'coz today, we'll gonna show you this... we'll gonna learn how to give your text a background of any image you want... any image!!! That's why i told you couple times that this such application, this Soto-sop... It's magic!

Just like i said oftenly that I usually like to paint or you can say use 'photo-tricky' in Layers... so that if I'm not happy with how it turns out, i can just delete it. Remember that tips!!! Use Layers to get more effectively results!!!

Step 1 :

Open a new file by clicking on File>Open. Open your picture in Layer 1.

Step 2 :

Write your text. Go to Horizontal Type Tool. Open the Characters window.

Go to Window > Characters. A screen will open. Select Font as Arial Black. Select Size as big as you can... I use 420pt just to make it more clear. We have written future creative design bureau... why is that so? Hell yeah.. yu guys should type that!!! Lol.. (kidding, pink)


Go to Layer Style. Then select Drop Shadow.

Leave the default selections. Blend Mode - Multiply. Opacity - 75%. Angle - 120. Use Global Light - ticked. Distance - 5px. Spread - 0. Size - 5px. Click on OK.

Step 4:

Now go back to 1st layer and duplicate it.

To duplicate a layer, right click on it. Select Duplicate Layer . By default the name of the new layer will be Layer1 copy. Put this layer on top of the text layer.

Step 5:

Now press on Alt with left hand. Drag your mouse with right hand in between both the layers. A black and half white circle will come between the layers. Now click on this circle. The Magic has happened.

The Layer 1 copy will have an arrow pointing downwards to the text.

Here is mine... what about yours?!?!?!

In addition :

Remove the eye icon for layer 1 to make it invisible. See the magic. The text has taken the texture of the picture you have placed. You can move the picture around to see the text taking the different parts of the picture.

You can also keep layer 1 visible and move the text around with the Move Tool (V). You can place it wherever you feel it is best looking.

Your Superimposing picture in text effect is ready!

Other samples :

View Indonesian version

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