Monday, March 23, 2009

Drop Water Effect

Drop Water EffectHuuaaaa... what am I doing here right now in this early morning?!??!!? Gang... what's up world?!??! Spank me! This is 01:56 WIB! Geeezzz... What happen to me?! Cing Oleh, Chikal Botax, Maureen, Friend of her, Hit me goddamned!!! I hate Monday! Enuf enuf enuf!!! Now it's time to

Water Drop 'something' Effect... lol! There is a long story to this crazy nite, but to cut it short; I formatted my brain and by mistake... lost some consciousness. So in order to do this tut, I had to redo the whole nite into one piece at the time. I did my best to make it as identical as possible...

Unfortunately, I am going to assume that you have the basic knowledge of Photoshop and it menus etc. If not, you are going to have to do your own research then... Sorry, next time mayB... but, I cannot explain everything although I will do my best :) I am self taught so, I had to figure out Photoshop on my own.

I have my own damn techniques, mayB you have different ways to doing things? MayB you know a shortcut? MayB you will learn some new tricks from this tut that you can apply to other things...

Here's the trick :

1. Open your image, any image... it's up to you... pick the bright one I suggest... just like mine.

Image Hosted by

2. Make a New Layer by hitting the New Layers Icon on the Palette Layers on the right corner of your workflow... If the it not shown, simply press the Tab Key on your PC to show it up.. Done?!?!?

Next... Hit your Ellipse Tool (U) in the fly menu over there in the left corner of your Photoshop... make a simple white circle with it... Remember to set the Foreground and Background color to #FFFFFF (white).

Image Hosted by

Set the parimeter of the Layer Shape like this...

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

3. Change the Blend Layer mode of this shape layer into Multiply... then here's the
Magic... Voila... you're done!

Image Hosted by

It's mine... what about yours?

Image Hosted by

Other Samples of this kinda effect :

Indonesian version

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