Thursday, August 27, 2009 Menjawab Keraguan Anda merupakan agen betting atau lebih mudahnya bisa kita katakan sebuah agen taruhan online. Beroperasi di Indonesia sejak tahun 2005 dan bergerak di pasar taruhan bola, casino, togel dan bola tangkas secara online.

Bola tangkas salah satu menu yang mereka tawarkan. Bola tangkas sendiri sudah berdiri sejak tahun 1980-an dan menjadi semakin populer di kasino, bahkan saat ini -dengan mengesampingkan segala berita miring di internet mengenai situs mereka- bola tangkas mendapat tempat terhormat di lantai game banyak kasino di Indonesia. Kenapa? Karena mereka menawarkan denominasi yang lebih rendah dengan kualitas mesin yang jauh lebih baik dengan tampilan atraktifnya menu navigasi pada website mereka. Manajemen mereka cukup rapih jika dilihat dari tampilan front page situsnya.

Agenbola dirancang untuk menawarkan kesempatan untuk bertaruh di banyak bidang lain. Peluang dalam setiap aspek politik dan hiburan yang terus-menerus di update demi kenyamanan dan kepuasan Anda.

Jika jenis olahraga, pacuan kuda atau politik tidak terdapat dalam daftar favorit Anda untuk dijadikan taruhan, jangan ragu-ragu untuk mencoba layanan lainnya yang tak kalah menariknya. Dengan persyaratan yang relatif mudah dan murah seperti yang saya sampaikan di atas, Anda langsung bisa menjadi pemain di sbobet dan lainnya dengan kemudahan deposit transfer ke bank lokal seperti BCA dan MANDIRI serta service memuaskan lainnya. Daftar sekarang, optimis, dan bersiap menjadi next multi-milyarder!

The Best Auto Insurance Quotes

I've had an accident while driving a car. It was damaged and must be repaired in a garage. I was very surprised -shock actually- when it has to spend a lot of money to fix it. So ofcourse, at that moment, I felt to insure my car. I have taught the information in the Internet about Insurance which was good. What is that?

Hell yeah!! as the name suggests is basically a type of insurance in a matter of auto-vehicles. With the help of this kinda insurance that a person can get money from the banks cover the other vehicles have been damaged due to several reasons.

auto insurance quotes is valid, good and reliable. Therefore, before applying for it, it is better to look around, do a proper investigation of insurance and find the best in your comfort. The price
depends on vehicle insurance, with the year of manufacture and so on.

For reasons mentioned earlier that I recommend to read carefully the quotes auto insurance from that offers a range of car insurance, health, home and life -which above all- guaranteed in all aspects of your life.

Whether you are a perfect row history or even if you have a hi-risk drivers, there are so many websites that will work very hard to provide the best possible price for you to get. You will have a great access to it from the Internet.

Let me tell you this.. . Yupp, this new insurance is basically a person or company who create a machine from loss or even a terrible damage, protect against accidents or complaints that occured to you. But if you've got a plan to buy a car insurance, then you needs attention to the report. Select only within your means. This is important not to spent too much of your hard-earned money.

There is also new life insurance provide there, once you understand that there is no increasing in the number of deaths, in fact, the question is all evaporated. Global insured employer might not a matter if the insured is healthy or not (although health is much better). This way you can be sure that you can protect your car without showing much.

Jewelry - What Women Really Want

TiffanyHello guys! D'ya know what? Valentine's day will arrive. If you intend to buy diamonds to celebrate it with your lovely girl, consider a special meaning and significance of the tiffany sale at The first time I saw this Jewelry is when I look at America's Got Talent. I thought, hmmm seems OK this jewelry is also ... but then, like the thought of something, and even for long periods of time, I forget and do not hunt these things. A few days ago when I was browsing, I happened to find a review of this jewelry, called Five Charms Bracelet. The review Looks good. Because of course, good things and I like it, he thought to buy it, but I'm still trying to stifle my desire. Finance is a factor:) Because the jewelry is indeed one of my favorites, though I must have it anyway. was founded in 2005. There are many different types of diamond rings in there, and Tiffany's customer service was happy to explain the various types of wounds. The earrings are a gift for women on Valentine's Day. In some cases, a smaller diamond will gather even more impressive. Making the right choice when selecting a diamond. Nobody knows more about diamonds, but women ^_^.. Here you'll find them valuable help and advice when trying to choose the perfect gift.

All jewelries and fashion accessories, fashion for every woman is a precious right for you, not only can be described as the most important, but they also contribute to the elegant temperament of each jewelry all have unique characteristics, and the same event custom jewelry is different clothing that can be take a variety of flavors, here, we ask the pearls that are universal to all styles.

Selecting materials, and reinforced with spring and summer of 2009 silver bracelets, gold bracelets for disc printing with print designers have created, and the use of rubber is inserted with ease. A large silver bracelet jewelry for you in the spring and summer, you wear a bracelet on each hand, you seem to be elegant, modern and chic ...

Tiffany necklace ', chain, chain, chain with two plate design was adopted, together with a large enamel flower flower color varies, developed, and slightly covered stamens, the flowers live and to explain whether a woman wants a piece of interesting characters to show a person in this chain is a good choice ...

Tiffany bracelet 'material with white enamel, with the color of glass in the center surrounded by a visible profile, blue crystal clear glass unforgettable experience, a solid group. The most striking feature of the band is making a hinge bracelet make bracelet attached hard materials, can take on and off with ease, bracelets and also ideal for bringing a little 'time ...

We found the necklace, metal necklace chain rhodium, gold plating, and a silver necklace with a pendant, like most, and use the lobster clasp to tie the chain and pendant. A picture of solidarity with the Atlas Little Round Watch, and a piece of this chain is suitable for the use of recreational opportunities in the spring and summer...

Turquoise seems to have become necessary to design jewelry in the spring and summer, the Women's Pearl Necklace small-blue turquoise and green, brown leather, is part of a chain of several sets of pearls, and looks great and contribute to the elegant brown leather bracelet, a sense of chain is sometimes added neutral, if you think this is a black blouse, which only displays shiny chain, but also some feelings you cool...

The world-famous store sells high-quality jewelry, china and crystal. There are also options for a cheaper items (key chains, money clips, etc.) that makes a lot of good things in New York City souvenirs, while many items that can cause sticker-shock. This is the ideal store for browsing, with so many products throughout the store screen. If you are committed and just wanted a special gift for Valentine's Day, many types of diamond jewelry can be found there. Diamond necklaces are always popular and a special memory every time you wear it. There are many options to choose from tiffany jewellery, but every piece of stone with 3 diamond jewelry from Tiffany's would be popular.

If you are married and need a special gift for your wife, consider going to the site. All women love to get this special kind of connection with significant sentimental engraving. make a special event that would be loved forever. And remember, a diamond for Valentine's Day will give your love life very happy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What exactly insurance matter is, and how to gain profit from the sale? Auto insurance is very important and is something you need to be honest with yourself (and your family) about. As tempting as it may take a shortcut and get a very inexpensive plan with a minimum coverage benefit, you may end up hurting you and putting your family at risk of financial ruin if a crush emergency. So pay a little more each month to obtain adequate coverage of auto insurance quotes can eventually save you a lot of money in the long run.

I used to have an auto insurance until I learned the hard way the truth behind it. Life agent said cash value is a good way to build savings for accidents and I can use all the time. Sounds pretty great to me. When you have got a plan to sell your car for example, how can you deal with car insurance company? It is a simple matter for them. Don't wait any longer! Try this With their auto insurance quotes online, you've got the best and informative site for Auto Insurance.

Free Advertising through Press Releases

Free Advertising through Press Releases The most common one from free press releases is sharing an announcement or comment on a topic of interest in the community, you'll gonna say 'newsworthy'.

A press releases is written and the topical or subject is very appealing to the public or industry and may open the way for the sale of products. Microsoft® for example, the strategic use of press releases and take the announcements when new versions of software is about to be released. Because many users use Microsoft® products in their professional and personal life, business press release worthy of interest.

Contrary to written articles for magazines or websites, Free Press Release is not just what is being offered by the company. In fact, only reads the end of the release was discovered that the author is and how to get more information.

Press releases are also advertisements for free. Tips for the newspaper and television coverage for your business attractive to offer what the people want or do in the present.

Note: If your press release does not follow their guidelines, your press release should be considered free advertising, and traders will be processed and charged.

Affordable Car Insurance Company

Affordable Car Insurance CompanyMaybe there's another reason why when you go online to find a car insurance more affordable. Say you hate to spend so much car insurance and want to enjoy the best care appropriate and affordable. Cheap to be exact! If this problem has been bothering you for a few months later, it is important for you to do something as soon as possible.

There are several reasons that a person feel less satisfied with their current insurance company. In general, poor customer service seem to apply to anyone and where can we meet. As a loyal customer, you are certainly entitled to a perfect service when it comes to car insurance. Instant auto insurance quotes online is the answer for your needs, believe me!

After everything you've been through, after you spend money you receive each month to maintain insurance coverage for your car and what happens to your savings if you are having a horrific crash on the road today. Perhaps only other problem could be like when you're stuck in traffic on the road, then you take extreme action, causing you got heavy fines of several hundred dollars, then when you go to an auto insurance company, they should provide but take a long time. What a day!

In the process to get the best price on your car insurance, you will have the opportunity for a more affordable car insurance quotes to meet the needs of you and your family. You can start saving today with just five minutes you get the best service from the provider of car insurance available to you this.

Get Protected With A Car Service Contract Today!

Get Protected With A Car Service Contract Today! is a leading site that provides many benefits in the automotive field that are specifically created to enhance the consumer experience of buying a vehicle and possession. Carservicecontract provides a vehicle that is usually referred to as vehicle service contract, repair the damage such as dents found on a car body or paint damage on your car, replacement keys, personal assistant services, and many others.

Carservicecontract has been serving many customers, they has many active contracts, nationally recognized and provides coverage in 48 states and proud to be a provider of warranty for your vehicle with an A+ rating.

They will absolutely provide you the best information and help you to choose the suits your needs and fits best into your budget. Isn't that great!

Original Texture Image Galery

How to create Original Texture

How to create Original Texture

How to create Original Texture

How to create Original Texture

See the tutorial on how to create this Texture right about here!

Hire Me?!

Finaly, We wish you the best success and happiness for the Lebaran.

Introducing the Crate to Your Puppy

Giving your puppy an indoor cage crate can actually meet the needs of many dogs. In consideration of convenience, is also a tool that can help to reduce separation anxiety, to prevent destructive behavior (bad habits such as chewing furniture or animals that we can see in Adam Sandler's dog in the movie Click), also to keep the puppy far from household items that have the potential to harm them (electrical cords, poisons, etc.).

Make a Crate Training Puppy for your dog that can be used for short periods of time while you're at home with them is a good step that deserves your consideration. This prevents an association made with the crate and you leave the puppy alone.

If your puppy often had an accident in your own house in the absence of the cage for him, I highly recommend this Crate Training Your Puppy!

Find the best Water Pitcher match for you

It wasn't the first time I used Brita pitcher but it's trully the first time I've purchasing one for myself. So far I'm impressed (just because O'm not that kinda guy) by the carbon filter that really cleans out the chlorine taste, that would be a plus there.

Really like how the pitcher look... holds more water. Guys, keep this is mind!!! If you wanna have clean drinking water for everyday use, then I'd recommend this. Owning this Britta water filters will just make you drink more water and when the end up with a good result that works perfectly, everyone is pleased.

Dog Training Jobs

The best basis for a successful kinda training part of the job, dog training jobs is, with sharing your life to someone who shares the things you are passionate about. If you are passionate about dogs is really important then, is the best place to find this need.

By trying to expand training for your pet dog, even if you have practical experience with various dog or not? Dog Training Jobs will teach you to success in dog training classes.

For the love of dogs! Why bother with any of the other dogtraining sites when they absolutely have what you're looking for there.

How to Avoid Forex Scams is designed to help protect investors from scam forex, commodities fraud, and other investment fraud.

This site is determined to be a very informative guide, the best in their field, the question of fraud related to the forex trading market. Through the ebook that they provide, you can learn more details about the 12 Reasons You Will Lose Money in Forex Trading so that you can avoid of bad things like this. Updated regularly with the very latest information about forex scams, fraud, regulatory and certainly very useful news for those of you who engaged in this field.

Metformin for Weight Loss

You may be overweight because your body is too much insulin, especially if you save a lot of fat in your beauty belly. When you eat, your blood sugar level becomes high. Insulin like it can make you put on weight, which then you become fat. Doods.. with that condition, I'm affraid that you guys will easily get diabetes.

Metformin Weight Loss is one of the most common drug for purposes of your anti-diabetic drug. Usually prescribed by doctors for people with diabetes type 2 and sometimes also against people with prediabetes or Impaired Glucose Tolerance (IGT). Please don't be confuse, because this information would be very useful for all of your healthy life.

As with any kinda medicine, there are possibilities of metformin side effects can be found, but not all people who take metformin will experience side effects. In fact, most people can tolerate the drug well. When side effects actually occur, in many cases they don't require treatment or can easily be treated by your own self or your doctor.

Unfortunately, there is no way for your doctor to know beforehand if you have side effects from using a drug that you've never tried before or not. Therefore, make sure your health care provider to know this, so he knows well if you're in the right way and he can diagnose and treat the problems you experienced.

Understanding Auto Insurance Companies

In this world, we can't guarantee anything. Anything can be happened at any time and for any reason. Severe accident for example. You don't know exactly and don't have -the right to know, lol- how long you will live in this world. Anything is totally unpredictable, only God knows about that. So, what can we do as a normal human being? We can take some precautions then. You should be pay attention and get prepared for any reason to avoid something scarry that could happens in the future. If it is being well prepared, then you can at least be prepared for the worst can be.

At the moment, there are already tons of such site for car insurence available on internet. You have to consider the expenses for proper car insurance according your need. There's this that can answer all you need. If your primary liability policies do not cover the full cost of the accident may be required to pay the difference. This means that you must have insurance in the case of the accident happened to you.

Car Auto Insurance definitely aims to help you in locating insurance agents, the cheapest insurance rates, brokers and insurance companies that offer competitive car and comfort in your area.

Discover their expanding exhibition of car insurance company reviews which properly describe each company, some background history, and some types of insurance they underwrite. For over a decade, there are more trusted insurers have been around. Gain insight into the usability of this web site, with descriptions of their Auto Car Insurance Quotes forms and -this is the part I like most- how quickly you can get a quote at And that's all obviously for free, but offers many opportunities.

Welcome to Hebergement Site Web

Hébergement Site Web - En Savoir Plus

Do you know about Web Hosting service in internet? Web hosting service is known as a type of Internet hosting service that allows all netters, better it is individual or even a big organization to create their own website accessible through the World Wide Web.

Hébergement Site Web is a new kind of web host, which is enable more sustainable to publish online. By sustainable I mean here is that once the publishing process completed, the materials remain online indefinitely. A fixed price payable once and you are online for the eternity.

A storage site offers hosting and connectivity to serve all kinds of files on the site. There are a number of web hosting providers available on the market. It depends entirely on you to choose the best accommodation for you, because it's your money and business. They can now assure authors, you as a regular or businessman in blogosphere that your data posted on the Internet will guaranteed by the easiest and findness data they keep for, without additional charge.

Vous n'allez pas me donner de leçon, non?! What are you guys waiting for?!?! Allez-y..!!! They are good for a web hosting provider that offers unlimited bandwidth and lots of storage space. S’il vous plaît, host your files at Hébergement Site Web for free.

Welcome Backpackers

Hostels Booking is easy here, which you can find the best hostels in the world through the booking procedure. Providing through shelters, Cheap Hostels is always thru hostels. I mean, if you can control certain lack of privacy for afordability hostels are the way forward. I stayed at a hotel in Bangkok to Orlando and experience varies, but it saves $.

Check out Good information on services and costs. You can often get discounts if you stay for a long time ago. Propriété support and other travelers like yourself.

This site is proudly present to all of you backpackers all over the world to find more than 120 countries and 3,000 cities worldwide, and the process will definitely be easier for you to fill out a form. Just from your own finger tips.

Welcome to Apartamentos Vacacionales

The largest home rental company's vacation in Panama with more than 20 apartments in different price categories available. On the left side of their simple attractive site, you can see some photos of the vacation home available to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

You can find more pictures and details about the whole information about them, connected with their friendly customer service and their web master. Apartamentos vacacionales en Panama allows you to easily contact them by phone. Isn't this helpful?!?!

Prove it! If you are not able to carry with you all experts in their next dream vacation, then pick them! Explore the world! This will have to serve as the next best thing.

Pretty HOT Ugg Boots Ever

Now a days, I think everyone is obviously familiar with Ugg Boots. When you need comfort it will be the most amazingly comfortable pair of footwear that you will ever own, in your whole life. Ugg boots become your primary choice. In fact, they has always been a fashion statement for a hardworking attractive woman. Thank goodness, women would look pretty hot with them.

You need to get you a pair. The product of ugg boots sale brought new life to a very worn boot, believe me, the real ugg boot is worth the price you pay for it. Did I also mention that they are realy cozy and absolutely comfortable, they felt warm on the bottom of your feet as well, but NO, your feet DON'T sweat in them at all!

Well I am not about to let you miss out on all the fun. What are you waiting for? Website looks really good, it must hooks you in. Head on over to It's that easy!!!

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MD-UIN Clothing

MD-UIN ClothingHey gang! Today we’re going to take a look at MD-UIN Clothing, a jacket designer that prides themselves on paying attention to every detail. MD-UIN Clothing features a wide array of designs ranging from
pens and pappers to a good looking dark jacket. Its evident that blog of Knowledge gets their designs from a bunch of different sources. The jackets themselves are qualified and the distressed jackets are REALLY simple.

MD-UIN Clothing MD-UIN Clothing MD-UIN Clothing

Canvas Ring print is another feature that they stress meaning the print is non-formaldehyde (a really good thing right? Sounds like something I don’t want on my jackets.) Putting these jackets on feels like putting on a comfy jacket you’ve had for years. Comfort comes with a price however, as almost all their jackets come in at $19.99. Also be sure to keep up with MD-UIN on facebook (doesn’t everyone have one now?).

“Bird” is its chic badge, my favorite kind. Very clever design with the red flying hi bird.

Price: $19.99
Get It Here

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Creating FIRE

How to Creating FIREFire is hot substance that caused the burn of the objects, derived from the oxidation process so that the form of energy that varies has the form of light (the wavelength is also outside the visual spectrum so that it can not be seen by the human eye) and the heat can also cause smoke.

For those who do not have a disruption in the health should also be careful to this open fire.

Whaddafaxxx is that anyway?!?!? (hoaakakakakakakkk.. ketawa ala syaithon dari naroka super jahannam!!!)

Forget about that silly things... Today we're gonna create something just like a silly fire. What?! Silly Fire.. Hell yeah.. just ignore that damn word! Open your silly Sotosop, Create a new Sotoshop Document (CTRL+N). Follow me...!!! Set width in about 550px and the height to 200px, and then click OK. Got it?!?!

Go to Filter > Render > Clouds. Look this image...!

How to Creating FIRE

After that amazing step.. lol... Go to Filter > Render > Lighting Effects. Make all of your settings match the one from my image here, just incase.. again lol... After your settings match, what else?!?! Click OK ofcourse!!!

How to Creating FIRE

Doods, now you'll need to go to Filter > Brush Strokes > Accented Edges. And again I'm gonna tell you to take all of your settings match the one from my image. After your settings match click OK (copas dot ko dot aidi* huakakakakakkk...).

How to Creating FIRE

Optional stuff... If you want your fire to look a little more red, just drag your fire layer down to the create a new layer button and set the opacity of it to about 50%, then just go to Image > Adjustments > Color Balance (or CTRL+B) and play around with the color settings.

Me.. I don't like that optional something something... lmao..!!! Just stop at the Accented Ages Edges as a final touch.. See... What an easy way to create something just like a SILLY FIRE...!!! You know whadda hell I fakin'meant?!?!? (again and again... lmao.. lol... lmao... lol)

How to Creating FIRE

See this tuto in Bahasa!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Rock and Stone Textures

Rock and Stone Textures
Simulating any material in Sotoshop and getting it to look real is largely a matter of surface texture and lighting. This tut will show you doods a very very very easy method to make a rock and stone texture that's incredibly photogenic... ooppsss... I meant photorealistic. No special artistic skills are needed here. We will just be using Sotoshop's built-in filters and tools.

Ps : Remember to click image to get each original resolution :p 'coz they are all not the original size except the last one... wanna prove my words...? Just shut up and click every single image that you wanna see!!!

Rock and Stone Textures

Rock and Stone Textures

Rock and Stone Textures

Taraaa... I'm here HILARIOUS doods...
Here outside the gloomy area... better like this or what??!?!
Forget it!!! Just... Forget bout it...!!!

Next we'll randomize that Displacement map a bit more by using Filter > Noise > Add Noise just like we did in previous step. Then.. select Edit > Fade Add Noise and set the opacity to 50% to tone it down a little bit.

Rock and Stone Textures

Keyh?!?! OK I'm in again...!!!

Rock and Stone Textures

This is where things get fun hardrockers!!! Click that layer to make it active [...] We will apply the Displacement map we created earlier to the image by using a lighting effect. Choose Filter > Render > Lighting Effects.

Below are the options I used. You are allowed to try these to get started, lmao.. offcourse.. what else! Once you get the hang of how it works, feel free to vary the settings to get the lighting the way you want. Got it...?!?!? I want your Samsu Sir... Gimme that one, please! Lol..!!!

Rock and Stone Textures

Rock and Stone Textures

The important setting right about here is to select the Displacement Map alpha channel we created earlier for the Texture Channel (see image represent that words above). Without that, the image would remain flat. The combination of the displacement map and the lighting is what creates the realistic rock texture. As you can see, the result is amazingly realistic looking (in my own damn opinion ofcourse :p) ;

How about this kind of experiment to you?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Chameleon photo effect Resource Image

Some other sources you can use to get the Chameleon photo effect :

Yupp... image image ini bisa dipergunakan tuk keperluan effek tersebut. Silahkan untuk lebih jelasnya mengenai tutorial flashnya, bisa di klik link tadi.

Chameleon photo effect Resource Image

Chameleon photo effect Resource Image

Chameleon photo effect Resource Image

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Creating Leopard Skin

Creating Leopard Skin with PhotoshopMay be... you doods still remember what i've done on Creating Fiber Look to cover an object or something (diplacement map) just like the screenshot said.

I know that was too early to reveal that trick without first know about this step. Leopard Skin steps. Step to make our own tiger skin. OK... in this tut, i will show you how to create that tiger skin with Photoshop, again in easiest way to find with using Filter on Sotosop menus. But...

... I'm not gonna tell you guys this kinda tut with words, just with seeing this image... lol... sorry for others who can't access this awesome tut... lol... so sorry. I'm telling you, it is a free-trial or something... (again after all?!!?!?).

Slow you down... wait until 5 minutes then you allowed to click that button... OK! Lmao!

After that 5 minutes awaiting... is this worthy at all???

I hope... again I hope you learned new skills and techniques from this tut I also hope they will help you on your future projects. Like usual... (the cat cought my tongue, lol) try to experiment all the time when practicing.

Staying well organized will help you to stay focus more on the design.

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone - Yngwie Malmsteen Custom 550Your comfort zone while holding guitar

So you need to find your comfort zone. But what is that exactly? Only you can answer this but it usually amounts to a combination of these small elements.

1. Sitting or standing with your back straight and not slouched.

2. Fretting hand (left hand normally) should not be used to help hold the guitar in playing position but be free to play.

3. Pain - For the beginner (not you.. Einstein), finding the right comfort zone may be trial and error but under no circumstances should it be painful for long periods of time.

Of course using muscles that you have rarely or never used before is going to cause some discomfort and only with time and practice will get easier and more comfortable.

I can almost guarantee that if you are just starting out that you will feel some sort of pain. The trick is not to go extended amounts of playing with pain. Give yourself plenty of breaks just as you would if you were lifting weights.

4. Be two places at once.

What I mean by this is..

You have to think about all areas of your body at the same time not just one. For instance, it is easy to neglect the right hand/picking hand while concentrating on the fretting hand.

It takes practice to think about both at the same time but once mastered it will be second nature to you. Don't give up (I find no better joke)... a lot of what is involved physically in guitar playing amounts to coordination between all elements of hands, elbows and fingers, mind etc.

Read more about how you should hold a guitar in a best way!

Holding the Guitar

Holding the Guitar - Steve VaiGetting a hold on things

This is a damn short but important chapter on the physical aspects of playing guitar. Believe it or not, holding the guitar is a touchy subject. Why? Well, new students (but maybe.. that's just me) usually always do it wrong.

Usually, a new student (just because I’m just that kind of guy, lol) tries to copy a guitar hero they see on tv. You know, the guy with the guitar hanging down to his knees or something (I just couldn't think of anything funnier to put there.. sorry, lmao.)... or various other positions that don't facilitate proper development for a beginning guitarist.

Remember :

Proper holding and positioning of the guitar will either make you or break you! Many new students do not progress or even quit because they are in pain! Pain caused by improper hand positioning, back ashes from poor posture, etc.

So what is the correct way?

Holding the Guitar - Yngwie Malmsteen Holding the Guitar - Tom Morello Holding the Guitar - Krist Novoselic

The correct way (from the previous picture) is where it gets touchy because everyone is comfortable in different ways. But that is what it all amounts to... being comfortable (after all, it ain't just a guitar). You can't do anything if you are not comfortable. If you are not comfortable.. eventually pain will set in.. can you keep your mind on learning or even having fun while in pain? I don't think so.