Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kansas - Dust In The Wind

Kansas - Dust In The Wind guitar tab
I myself had forgotten where I get this such recorded Private Collection of R 052 tape series.. But definitely after decades, in about past twenty years, in fact, the tape is still the prime glorious sound quality.

If you look in the release of the album "Schemer Dreamer" in 80 years, this means the year when SW Puspa join in Kansas after working on the "Audio-Visions".

Although a few years later he re-joined (again). Become more interesting, when SW is no longer in Kansas, which went on to release a solo album, some personnel Kansas still help. Recorded Kerry Livgren, Phil Ehart and Rich Williams. On the other hand claim to sweeten his musical SW relying on Allen Sloan (Dixie Dregs) plays viola.

Well ... if you guys remembered the sound of the viola, is not in Kansas often we hear it? Try to remember the "Dust In The Wind", "The Wall", "Point Of Know Return" and other songs. There are 7 songs in SW's first solo album with a varied musical touch. There is a ballad just like "Just How It Feels", the only predominantly piano and stringed viola as the opening song.

After that, "Wait Until Tomorrow", Steve sings with tempo slowly coupled with that terrible guitar and drums beating Phil Ehart is also not less dasyatnya. In the third track list "Every Step Of The Way", a song which is popular with shades of pop rock. Herb rock n 'roll in the "Schemer Dreamer / That's All Right", the guitar Rich Williams is on this song.

Kansas - Dust In The Wind guitar tab.. well this is it!

As a closing song on side A "Get Too Far", very nge rock. There are still 2 remaining songs that occupy this side, just like "So Many Nights" and "You Think You Got It Made". In the song that Kerry Livgren Puspa colleague Steve in Kansas took part. So ... for those who have these tapes.. you're ROCK \m/. Especially on the B side, you can find also a group of Canadian trio there..

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Just.. keep in touch guys.. and enjoy the tab of  Kansas - Dust In The Wind!

Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On - Rhythm Section

Remember about Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On - Solo Section that we share here couple days ago?!? Here comes the Rhythm Section of it. Grief perceived as Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy chose to leave. But now when Portnoy asked again, Dream Theater's new drummer chose to hold auditions to select a replacement candidate Mike Portnoy.

After seven drummers auditioned for the choice ultimately fell to Mike Mangini. Discography Mike Mangini and supportive to be able to join Dream Theater.

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At the time of the audition was Mike Mangini looks to offset odd time signatures odd aka knock-knock, which is one main ingredient progressive metal. Jamming consists of three stages plays hits include "A Nightmare to Remember" and "The Spirit Carries On", and then jamming session in which participants were asked to follow and improvise audition, of course, with odd time signatures earlier.

In the first stage of the audition, the "A Nightmare to Remember, Mike Mangini seemed" eloquent "plays lik-lik commonly played by Mike Portnoy. Here Mike Mangini looked so precision and attention to detail. While on stage jamming, Mike was able to follow odd time signatures smoothly.

The Spirit Carries On - Rhythm Section


Canon Rock in D

Pachelbel's Canon (commonly known with the name D major Canon, or SCARA formally, Canon and Gigue in D major for three Violins and Basso continuo, is a master Piece of Johann Pachelbel.

Posted since 1680, during the Baroque, part of the chamber music for violins and basso continuo, tp is berkali2 mngalami change.

Canon was originally paired with a gigue in the same key, although it rarely shows this final composition. More famous for its chord progression. Usually, this work is played when the wedding, along with other famous Baroque pieces such as Air on the G String by J. S. Bach (BWV 1068). The original viola pizzicato part form within (in a string orchestra or quartet setting) when a harpsichord or organ player when  have to come with  F or improvising bass.

Here the Canon Rock in D tab :) Enjoy!
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mr. Big - Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy Guitar Tab

Ough yeah.. have you guys even seen the Mr. Big - Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy video clips already tough? Would you dare to perform with that such thing they called 'drilling machine' with pick up on the nail?

Really I'm scare about the strings.. Hail Paul Gilbert!

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Monday, October 08, 2012

Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Solo

Pantera is a music group originating from Arlington, Texas USA. Was created in 1981, they consist of Dimebag Darrell, (Guitars & backing vocals), Vinnie Paul (Drums), Phil Anselmo (vocals), Rex Brown (Bass).

Influenced by the Glam, just like Van Halen and Kiss. Pantera change his style to Trash Metal in the late 80's - an after Phil Anselmo joined (1987), replacing Terry Glaze. Pantera has released 9 albums, Metal Magic (1983), Projects in the Jungle (1994), I am the night (1985), Power Metal (1988), Cowboys From Hell (1990), Vulgar Display of Power (1992), Far Beyond Driven (1994), The Great Southern Trendkill (1996), Reinventing the Steel (2000).

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They disbanded in 2003 due to personal strife. The next year, guitarist Dimebag Darrell was shot dead on stage with a new group, Damageplan.

Pantera was very fluttering in the 80 - 90s. My favorite hits are like, Cowboy from Hell, Cemetery Gates, I'm Broken, This Love, Psyco Holiday, Hollow, Mouth for War, Planet Caravan, Walk, 5 Minute Alone.

Finally.. here's the solo section of this song.. Cowboys From Hell..

Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Intro and Rhythm
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Solo
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Outro

Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Outro

Dimebag snatched from players such as Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads and keep pushing it up the ass from a magnificent neoclassical guitarist heavy shredding it, pentatonic unapologetically raw.

The solos were recorded with Pantera and Damageplan Dimebag impressive, but true talent explode on the concert stage, where it can be released to the wild abandon, inspired by the mass of hotties hell-raising and fundraising shirts.

While most of the band thrash away with a solo during the nineties, Dimebag continues to fly the flag damaged as the stars and bars during the South Carolina State House.'s the rest of the tab... The Outro :) D'ya wanna see the Intro and the whole plan of it?! Click this full Pantera - Cowboys from Hell tab... Enjoy!

Missing the solo section of this song? Well.. click this Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Solo link :)
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Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Intro and Rhythm
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Solo
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Outro

Skidrow - 18 and Life

Talking about the 80's hard rock, just by talking about one of the most memorable period in the history of rock music, a lot of rock songs 80s are still very familiar to this moment, and probably will continue to be remembered.

Call it random, Alone Again (Dokken), Livin 'On A Prayer (Bon Jovi), The Final Countdown (Europe), 18 and Life (Skid Row), When The Children Cry (White Lion), Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N 'Roses), Home Sweet Home (Motley Crue), Honestly (Harem Scarem) and so on, all of the songs of the legendary 80's that never feels stale.

Here's the solo of the Skidrow - 18 and Life, enjoy!

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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Pantera - Cowboys From Hell

In the early 80's.. Thrash Metal really got produces an artistic masterpiece just like Master of puppets, Metallica (elektra 1996) or the you know who..? :p, and then.. Reign in Blood, Slayer (American 1986), and ofcourse.. Arise, Sepultura (Road runner 1991).

Slayer proned as The King of Underground Metal during the first decade and is still revered to this day, but perhaps, the greatest thrash metal band Pantera (with the Cowboys From Hell) was the last official concert held 101 proof (Eastwest).

Here's the tab... Enjoy!

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Go get the Outro from this song :)
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Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Intro and Rhythm
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Solo
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Outro

Dream Theater - Solitary Shell

It is truly a memorable evening, I felt the warmth enveloped me. For a moment I closed my eyes and gave thanks to God for the blessings that have so much I earn.

So much so hit this lull and stir my emotions. After seduced by beautiful melodies with clear acoustic guitar effects, Ibaneznya roar into session distortion and alternate picking of the guitar solo "Hollow Years". Suddenly the "state of grace" was gone and suddenly gave way .. who knows what it's called, the spirit or the energy that burns my feelings. Maybe "the unexplainable thing" that makes me have a bond and energy each finished listening to "Hollow Years" version of Live in Budokan.

A few hits from the new album like "Train of Thoughts" and "Systematic Chaos" co-played by them, even my favorite hit of "Systematic Chaos" is "Constant Motion" co played perfectly. After the hit nuanced "dark", we were invited to have fun with "I Walk Beside You", "Solitary Shell" and "The Silent Man" version of Live from New York with occasional Chemy and Vedy angpaw threw into the audience.

The "Forbidden City Rocks - A Dream Theater Nite" closed with the hit "Metropolis". Here I re-acquire "warmth".

       ._-_.    ________________________
      +|\G/|+  | ______________________ |
      +|\./|+  || O  o o o  =|=  |  =  ||
      +|\./|+  || O  o o o   |  =|=  | ||
       `|H|'   ||______________________||
        |a|    |________________________|
        |H|    ||MM88MM<<        |a|    ||M88MM<<        |H|    ||88MM<<  _-_   |H|   _-_<< /   \  |H|  /   \ |    \_|a|_/    |?<< \      |H|      /<<  \     |H|     /<<   |    '"'    |<<  /     ===     \ /      ===   !  \HHHHMMMMMMMMMMMRMM8RM||
|             | o |HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM988MM||  
|      +---+ /  o |MMMMMMMMMMMMMM988MM<||     
\       ___ /  o  /M/MMMMMRMMMRMM88MM<<||     
 \     |HHH|    l/MMMMMMMRMMMRMM88MM<<<||      
  `-_   \_/   _-MMRMMMMMRMMMRMM88MM<<     """"""""' ~~~V~~""~~~~~~~~~~~~~~V~~~    

Dream Theater - Solitary Shell 1

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Dream Theater - Solitary Shell 2

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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Metallica - The Unforgiven 2

Actually new in this song I realized that the vocals James papa Hetfield experienced improvisation better, playing with a wider range, with still maintaining the charisma. Awesome!

Simply applaud that this song can still retain the feel that it was taken from The Unforgiven and The Unforgiven II. Maybe just try to hear as well as 3 songs in sequence.

Enjoy the tab.. (save image as.. :p)
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Monday, October 01, 2012

Queen - Love of my life

In addition to Queen.. Freddie strengths also lie with guitarist Brian May, who is also get a doctorate in astronomy. With Red special homemade guitar (made when she was 17 years old with his father), produces shrill sound, like a violin tone was very mystical.

Great game in concocting effects and multi tracking. In addition it may also masterful symphonies effect guitar on the song "keep your self alive" and "killer queen".

A little-known.. Brian may also good at playing a musical instrument harp on the song "Love of my life"-wrenching. Combined with Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar while also harp, and the voice of Freddie Mercury vocals are terrible, making the song Love of my life is always ambush the feeling of listening to, and make us "soar and shocked".

So here it is.. Enjoy the tab of Queen - Love of my life!

Queen - Love of my life

See other tab here!

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MR. Big - Nothing But Love

Holla again all guitarist in the world :)

Love that means we must have the courage to choose. Choose one of several options that are most likely to become spouse. I do believe.. especially when, -now another kind of election seasons-, there are more than two "candidate" who is equally qualified and had the advantages and disadvantages of each.

But.. forget about that bla bla bla stuffs :(

Here is the lyric...

Guess what baby
The things we say came true today
'Cause we listened to our hearts

No one but you will ever do
Our search is through
But our journey's just beginning

Nothing but love can last forever
Nothing but love will start
To mend the place inside your heart
That needed healing

Nothing but love can last forever
Nothing but love will start
To make your head spin round and round
You know you're feeling love

Nothing but love
Nothing but love

Can't read your mind
Lord knows I'm tryin'
But in your eyes I see everything you need to know

Nothing to do but follow you
My aim is true
I could never ask for any more

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And if you walk away
You know that I will follow
To steal back your broken heart
At least until tomorrow
Because whatever comes today
Beside you I can't hide that you're the one

Nothing but love can last forever
Nothing but love will start
To mend the place inside your heart
That needed healing

Nothing but love can last forever
Nothing but love will start
To make your head spin round and round
You know you're feeling

Nothing but love could hold our world together
Nothing but love can start
To let us hear the sounds above that have been screaming love

and this is the tab :) MR. Big - Nothing But Love enjoy!