Thursday, January 28, 2016

Smudge Painting (Soft Smudge)

This is just a new trick while surfing took some video tutorials on the web. It seems one of the new trends today in the graphics is the HDR (high dynamic range) visible and visible effects of cartoons. I see this is very similar to the type of mixtape kind of design.

There are many ways you can manipulate images to achieve this HDR Effect and cartoon looks that we called Smudge Painting, and in this case, Soft Smudge Painting.

There is even a special plugin out there or somewhere that will help you easily reach the goal of making it more possible. But here, I will just focus on a technique I called earlier. With this kind of beautiful and easy simple technique, there is no need to install special plugins that are not included in our beloved software, Photoshop. God Speed!

This technique has been widely described by the Photoshop Masters in their respective sites. But there is no harm if PSHolic provides bunch of great tutorials on smudge painting just about to add our knowledge upgraded for the uninitiated as well as reminiscent of the forgotten. :-)

Like its name, Smudge Painting effect is designed to create a photo to be more like a shiny painting what so ever. In this particular post, you guys all absolutely can see bunch of Indonesian girls here that I used as references. By the way.. they are all extremely nice!

You could start with a picture of your choice. I started with a picture that I found on the internet. Do not even have a high resolution. Actually, I do not recommend using a high-resolution photo. I recommend just find an interesting picture of the portrait's face online, especially since I will focus on the details in the face with this particular technique.

As you can see, the results are not great high resolution photos, but that's OK because from now on, we can just easily practice new techniques.