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Monday, August 23, 2010

How to create Original Texture

How to create Original TextureWelcome again to our PS Holic site. We're hoping so much that you'll come again and again to enjoy awesome experience unique in the way of presentation available each visit.

Texture is an important element and is one of the most popular things used by designers. Almost all types of digital design from background manufacturing to web design, creating realistic visuals and even for digital scrapbooking use it.

So, always useful to have the ability to create high-quality textures with Photoshop.

Hire Me?!

I hope you will find this trick useful as well. Enjoy! We will quickly create a texture for later use.

Step 1.

Create a new document. I used 1280 x 1024px for my canvas size. Make sure your foreground color is black and your background color is white. You can simply press D on your keyboard to do that.

Step 2.

Add a new layer and go to the menu Filter > Render > Clouds.

How to create Original Texture

Step 3.

Then go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise. Choose the following settings: Amount : 50%; Distribution : Uniform; Monochromatic : On.

How to  create Original Texture

Step 4.

After that, use Filter > Artistic > Dry Brush with settings: Brush Size : 2; Brush Detail : 8; Texture : 1.

How to create Original Texture

Step 5.

Now again, add some noise by going to Filter > Noise > Add Noise and use the previous settings.

How to create Original Texture

Step 6.

Then use Filter > Artistic > Paint Daubs with the settings shown in the screenshot:

How to create Original Texture

Step 7.

Now use Filter > Brush Strokes > Splatter with Spray Radius : 20 and Smoothness : 5.

How to  create Original Texture

Step 8.

Go to Select > Color Range, choose Highlights, hit OK

How to create Original Texture

You will see that random areas in your texture are now selected.

How to  create Original Texture

We will delete them by pressing Delete. Also, delete the background layer and you're done with your texture! Save it, we'll use it later.

How to create Original Texture

See other samples here!


oooh, I love it! You post so many awesome ideas, I some day have to try them out for sure!

hemmm untuk jadi original emang butuh perjuangan ya (dan ribet lagi^^)

Kalo udah kena yang ginian bisanya hanya menikmati saja. Bisa dunk minta buatkan logo untuk personfield? (*ngarep*)

waa..bagus nih.. maksiii udah share ilmunya..^^
lebaran juga g nih.. ;))

This is what I want to learn. How to master PhotoShop ! Keep posting and I'll be here dude

Sorry for the "reaction". I'd like to give you gergeous. But the button didn't respone. I clicked the terrible and worked. THIS POSTING IS GERGEOUS !

@ M. Helmi Akbar W. : oh my... you're so kind, I do feel terribly terribly embarrassed when complimented.. Tell me, why do I always have the answer long after the question is posed and forgotten?

@ all : I don't know how you do it all guys.. Actually, I'm terrified to stand in front of people like this... thanx for all guys :)

Ternyata begitu toh buat taxsture yang original. Keren 2 bisaan euy.
Ktinggalan trus ni br bs brkunjung konek Internet Ngajak ribut aja jd ga bs Blogwalking...hehehehehehe.

gpp kang... masih mau dateng ajja uda cakep benged kang... makasii iia :)

kereeeen,,,, :),,,, mau belajar donk ^^,,,,,,,,,,hehehe

saya sih lebih banyak nda' ngertinya sama software design :(

berat nih utk berkreasi sendiri secara original.. makanya wahai pembajak2 cd, bertobatlah *heheheh
sumpah keboo gak begitu ngerti kalo soal design, emang selera seninya rendah.. hikshik

aduh bingung...
keren sih, tapi langkahnya lumayan panjang juga.
makasih sharingnya.

lebaran masih lama...selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa.
buat kartu lebaran sendiri asyik kali ya?

salam kenal :), wah tulisannya yang bermanfaat sekali, saya pun lagi seneng2 beljar photoshop n corel, tfs

masih melongo neh kalo kemari...

if you five five five, then i six six six...

like a magic...... hhe... i ever try to follow some simple step but always different with the tutorial..... LOL ..... just so lazy to make an experiment with my CS4, my PC is too slooooow.........

puasa tlah memasuki pertengahan bulan, semoga kita semua tetap diberi kekuatan agar bisa melewatinya hingga datang hari kemenangan.. selamat berpuasa...

panjangnya langkah-langkahnyaaa ..


definitely i don't even know how to use this kind of software...
but.. all you've done here is outstanding, man :)

Waw..ternyata tekstur di photoshop bisa dibuat sendiri tooo...
Saya baru tau kang :D
Info disini emang maknyos dah, apalagi buat yang hobi ngedit2 foto :D

wow, Ternyata di sini emang gudangnya tutorial photoshop, keren, keren...! :D

makasii buat semua yg uda mau mampir :)

Thanks friend.. it's new info for me

abis buka tadi masih kekenyangan nih mas ;(

@ Saung Web : me too kawand :)
@ Ima : sama dund :p

this is cool... like this, very informed. sometimes I also create many kinds of textures for scrapbooks

agree with you :)
thi is the basic way to create some of scrapbook you mentioned :)
thnx for coming :)

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