Friday, July 30, 2010

Gothic Wedding Invitation

Gothic Wedding InvitationHi there again and again... Guys, with a little tweaking, I think this could be used for a lot more than wedding invitations, goth, dark, bright, spring, summer.. whatever!

OK... Like usual... Open a new document in Photoshop. I don’t do too much girly stuff, so I thought this might be a good time to pander a bit to the ladies. First thing first... Creating some texture, I'm gonna use a rough-edged brush at a low opacity to create it.

Hit the Brush tool (B key) and from the Brush Picker choose the Chalk 60 Pixels brush (which is one of Photoshop’s default brushes). Set your foreground color to whatever you want. Mine is #695d00.

Gothic Wedding Invitation

Create a new layer called Dark Yellow in your Layers palette after the brush setup and color chosen, set your brush Opacity to 17% in the Brush Options bar at the top of Photoshop and paint roughly over the canvas as shown below.

Gothic Wedding Invitation

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Repeat this process several times. Replacing the brush pressure to give some texture and depth in the background until you are satisfied with the results. Let your creativity be your guide, remember we'll put the text there, so try to give a contrast color on the text..

Add a Layer Mask by clicking the Add Layer Mask icon at the bottom of the Layers Palette. Restore your brush Opacity to 100%, then select GrungeBorders Brush.

Gothic Wedding Invitation

Drop the Brush Opacity down to 20% or until you feel just right.

Gothic Wedding Invitation

Create a new layer above the layer dark yellow, give the name of Grunge. Replace the brush color to white (by pressing the D or X key if they have not become a default). Choose one of the brushes that we downloaded with 100% Opacity.

Gothic Wedding Invitation

Next we'll try to be -let's say- a lil' bit creative by adding photos. Here's the photograph I've downloaded for you...

Gothic Wedding Invitation
Image source:

Hold down the Alt key and clicking-and-dragging the mask from one layer to the other so that we can copy the mask that we had created.

Gothic Wedding Invitation

Click the lock icon located between the Layer Thumbnail and Layer Mask in the Photo layer. This will enable us to move our pictures without damaging the mask that we make.

Put your photo on the left side half of the paper invitations or whatever you want how good, then use the GrungeBorders Brush on Layer Mask.

Gothic Wedding Invitation

Once more... I wanna add a little old manuscript in the above photo and diluting it so that there is impressed scribbles on paper.

Gothic Wedding Invitation

Image source:

Change the Blend Mode to Soft Light, then press Shift + Ctrl + I to make a negative movie script.

Gothic Wedding Invitation

So far.. everything's just fine, right? Use this DecoStrip Brush to bring your invitation a lil' bit more attractive or something :)

Gothic Wedding Invitation

Font used here is Champagne Font, and Blair Md ITC TT Medium Font.. or you an explore it for more with Belphebe Font.. It's all up to you guys :) Thanks for reading, and ladies, I hope you enjoyed yourselves. Here's the final result.

Gothic Wedding Invitation

Read this tutorial in Indonesia!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rubi Tile Cutter

Rubi Tile CutterI have been using tile cutters for this two months. They are much simpler than wet cutting. They are lightweight, don't do a sloppy mess, and you can save directly to the hands when cutting.

TS60 is a little more expensive than what you would pay for a rate cut, but HomeDepot or Lowe over the quality of the league. Budget cutters are hard to use, and you are often difficult to completely cut off.

TS60 is a good thing because it can reduce the 18" tile on the diagonal.. It's better to get a piece of a sample to see if it will work. Porcelain to be found only when wet. Jump to when you need more information about this tool. Have a gorgeous day to you all guys :)

Extended Auto Warranty

Extended Auto WarrantyHaving a car isn't like having cheap goods that can be purchased with little money. If you have a plan to buy a car, there should be a good budget preparation for that. Thousands of bucks or more should be prepared to buy a unit of car. In addition, you also obviously have to be prepared for other costs to complete the purchase of a car such as car insurance, budget for repair, car maintenance and much more.

How about automatic purchase guarantees that lets you fix your car anytime you want? Doods, you don't need to worry anymore with this Auto Warranty, how much money must be paid once your car is damaged. is the answer. This website is owned by a company that provides the best security offerings that is fully automated and provides gorgeous advantages in having the cost of repair and prepare your car whenever you need it.

This company provides the best in terms of auto warranty. Let's say, bumper-to-bumper, comprehensive, and also engines with several benefits that can be obtained. You don't have to worry every time you hit or have a trouble, even have an accident when you drive. Just jump in the site for further details about it.

Best LED Grow Lights of 2010

Best LED Grow Lights of 2010In this modern times, it is a hi-possibility to make plants grow without compromising any time even though we are in winter and without the sun. Plants can grow through the process of photosynthesis. In spring, all kinds of grain can be grown with the many and beautiful and blooming. This is all we can do with this LED Grow Lights technology.

Plants can also grow well when faced with these types of LED lights. The greenhouse effect could be overcome by using a light source for indoor plants. Under low light and very strong sun, the plants wither and die because of lack of water.

To simulate this kind of artificial light, the plants should be placed in a dark room for some time in a chemical treatment after exposure to the light. Do not worry about the effect of temperature produced, it's not producing enough heat to destroy everything into a mess like this now. This does not require light in large-scale, less expensive and still can be consumed in the long term.

Many have chosen to use LED lights by joining for their house plants needs. Green is the color of this century. It might help in reminding us of how fulfilling it is to take care of the environment.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Ron'saGuys, it might be most of the reliable denims are come from outside of our country. Levis, Lee and Wrangler represents the early players in the world of denim that is certainly a familiar name. Look also other one with a name that continues to grow like Nudie whose name is already large, even junior high school kids -these days- have already started looking for this denim wear infos. Do not forget the Japanese artisans who had been known for their idealism in their repro jeans and make superior brands like Studio D'Artisan, Evisu, Samurai, etc..

But... Wait a sec...! Make no mistake, the child does not wanna lose their own country foreign brands. Usually starts from a beautiful desire to make the jeans fit their own desires, Sample details are Ron'sa, the spirit was finally armed with their products progress to up-to-date.

Ron'sa (Original)

Ron'sa Ron'sa

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Ron'sa After Release

Ron'sa Ron'sa

Cheap Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Cheap Homeowners Insurance QuotesAlthough homeowners insurance rates have increased in recent years, you can always find an insurance provider owns and affordable prices. Here's how... cheap homeowners insurance quotes works.

To search for homeowners insurance providers' and at an affordable price, you should take the time to compare quotes from different suppliers. You can visit your local agencies to request a quote, or a phone call, but will take a few hours of your time and you probably will not get the cheapest price.

The best way to find affordable insurance provider and their owners to get online where you can get a home insurance quote in minutes. My first recommendation is to go to an insurance comparison website. On this site you spend a few minutes to fill out a simple form with your insurance information, then wait for your offer.

Gain from insurance comparisons are as follows:

* Simply fill out the form to get quotes from several suppliers, rather than fill out a form for each supplier.

* Most insurance sites compared to companies that are affiliated with-rated, so you know the companies they represent can be trusted and would provide good service.

* The best comparison sites let you talk with insurance professionals online or by phone, so you can get answers to your questions and tips on homeowners insurance to reduce your premiums.

Before buying a policy, make sure you understand. Read it, or get an employee of a company explain it to you, to make sure you get all the coverage you need.

Home Lighting Resource

Home Lighting ResourceHi there again. Today I am going to talk a little about a good lighting system for our home. Home sweet home! Let's say you're not a fan of ceiling lights, or you have a low ceiling, candles or lamps wall will give you a slightly different lighting you need make your home look better and more attractive, other than that we can meet at general.

When you buy a house, there are so many things you need to consider other than the location and design of the house itself. There are things that look trivial but important and we can not ignore for granted, ie good lighting system. Your home is so bright in the dark during the day but when night came..?? What's the point!! It's just the matter of lights.

Actually in this case, a good lighting system is the main attraction of a home. Investment in quality lighting for the home is one of added value for your family. Every corner of the house must have their own color. For example, a living room should have a central lighting equipment to be installed in the middle of the room. In addition, wall lights can also be installed in different corners of the house to add extra brightness and style. Lighting is not only to the interior of the house but also to the outside. Balance each light coming from a person's residence can be a major attraction of the house.

This is not just for reasons of convenience, but also for the needs of whole families. Light Fixtures differ in many respects. Depending on the style and design of the house, some Light Fixtures can be fitted. There are candles, wall luminaires, pendants and so forth.

You can enjoy your unique artistic display of differentiation, the look of your home. It is a special talent of decorating your home. You choose to define your home with your great tastes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7 Best Suggestions of Modern Wall Art for a Beautiful Home

7 Best Suggestions of Modern Wall Art for a Beautiful HomeFinishing the accent of your modern home with modern wall art includes lightbox paintings, wall prints and stretched canvasses, clocks, sculptural art, Wallter panels, mirrors, and wall stickers.

Modern buy wall art is a vital ingredient that wraps up a well accented modern home interior. Modern wall art is inspired from the present elements of modern living. This type of decoration emphasizes striking and bold perspective that complements a modern space. A modern lifestyle includes apartments and condominium dwellings. These spaces can be more attractive when infuse with contemporary elements such as the modern wall art suggestions below:

Lightbox paintings

These paintings have a cutting edge of a modern inspired technology that collaborates the artistry of painted portraits with the innovation of lighting effects. Lightbox paintings provide a modern touch since it can transform a dull place into a well lighted and fresh perspective. The painting are composed of modern patterns such as lines and shape abstract. This gives contour and edges to conventional spaces.

Wall prints and stretched canvasses

Wall prints and stretched canvasses are one-dimensional art design that give a flat and wide effects which are elements of modern interior. Nature-inspired patterns have lines, blots, and splatters which are very modern. These patterns could give a stretched dimension to the nook edges that are very common in modern homes.


Clocks have always been a very functional art decals even in the old times. It represents time and mechanism which are also relative to the concept of modern art. Presently, clock designs speak of a certain era. Just like fashion, clocks have always been a symbol of the modern living. Modern clock designs come in metallic sunburst, mechanic turbines, and mechanical gear.

Sculptural art

To perfectly furnished the modern look of your home, sculptures are always the most recommended pieces. Modern sculptures are unique abstract forms that complements any space of your home into a modern accent. This signifies the focal point of your home. Modern sculptural art are minimal patterns and shapes such as the combination of circles, lines, and towers.

Wallter panels

These modern wall art decals are three-dimensional patterns that can be easily put up on your wall. They allow you to configure your wall space the most unique way. It comes in different shapes and colors that allows you to make your own pattern. A perfect example of modern wall art that complements shape and lines.

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Mirrors have always represent space and edges which is very complementing the space of a modern home. A mirror gives a certain width and area to a room. It is also a functional decals and expands a place.

Wall stickers

For a more practical wall decor that is in line with a modern home's perspective use of a wall sticker. Wall stickers are hassle-free and easy to change if wanted. They are very affordable and innovative which make them the latest and the best option of having a modern art decoration.

Modern wall art truly enhances the maximum modern effect and function of your home. Take time to truly see what is needed and best fits your modern space. This modern wall art inspires creativity and makes you feel good and vibrant in your own private place.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Meteor Text

Tutorial Meteor TextI'm back guys with new tutorial for this blog... I'm gonna talking to you about this magnifique part of trick from Photoshop as usual. Today we're gonna create a Meteor Text Effect with simple way..

You guys just need Adobe Illustrator to create that kinda 3D Text, then simply apply the fire with some clouds and smudge tool to execute it become a fire or something.

1. Create a new standard document with the #191e1f as the BG.

Tutorial Meteor Text

2. Create cloud 1 and set the Level not too dark not too light.

Tutorial Meteor Text

3. Create cloud 2 and you have to change the Blending Mode from Normal to Difference and turn down the Fill into about 85%.

Tutorial Meteor Text

4. Create the main text (mine is a Regular Papyrus kinda font) with the help of Adobe Illustrator. Apply Auto Contrast on the text after you place it in the Photoshop in the center of the document.

Tutorial Meteor Text

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5. Add some Noise on the Meteor text with 5% in Amount (it's optional), Uniform distribution and check the Monochromatic section.

6. Duplicate the Text and Add Motion Blur on it by going to menu Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Set the angle to 16 with the 19 px in distance. Change the Layer Mode to Linear Dodge (Add).

Tutorial Meteor Text

7. From the Palette Layer, Drag these two text layer into folder to create a single group of it.

Tutorial Meteor Text

8. Create Fire.

Tutorial Meteor Text

9. ...and

Tutorial Meteor Text

Tutorial Meteor Text

10. Voila... You're DONE!

Tutorial Meteor Text

Tutorial Meteor Text

Tutorial Meteor Text