Friday, July 29, 2011

Hawaii Personal Injury Law Firm

When you have an accident, in addition to visiting the doctor for treatment, it is very important to see it to Hawaii Injury Lawyer, to protect the evidence available about the accident. This usually involves how you should maintain or even preserve evidence that could be used as a record of evidence for various reasons. It is also intended as a reinforcement of witnesses and evidence given the circumstances in which accidents can make the memory of it fades or even worst, lost.

Steps in Making Your Claim

Each type of time has the limit for filing claims in court. This differs from country to country, content on this site is a valid State of Hawaii. This kind of deadline is known as the statute limits the time limitations. There are exceptions to the various deadlines (incompetence, minority, etc.), so it is still feasible when assessing claims after this period. Please note that due to this condition, you must act quickly to contact the representatives of Law offices of David W. Barlow, thee Hawaii Personal Injury Law Firm.

Hallucinating with Hendrix

Hallucinating with HendrixI have a shocking (or maybe not so shocking) confession to tell you. When I was younger, I experimented with mind altering drugs. It's NOT something I'm proud of, but I mention it so I can tell you the story of how I started playing guitar.

The Hit

There it was... My 1st hit of a hallucinogenic in my hands. I was a little bit scared. I didn't know what the heck was gonna happen or where I was going to go. How amazing is that? I swallowed it and I waited.

1 hour later everything changed.. Hendrix was blasting on the radio. The rug was changing colors from black to blue to brown. There was this cool green light bulb that started warping to Hendrix' guitar playing.

My buddy said: "It's not the high notes that you get you. It's the low notes." Over the next week or 2, I couldn't stop listening to Hendrix. I wanted to play like him. I'll share how my broke-ass
managed to buy his 1st guitar in the next post.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to combine scales

How to combine scalesOne important guitar concept that I go over in Killer Guitar Control Secrets is combining major and minor pentatonic scales. This is a great way to get that bluesy rock feel.

For example, over a 12-bar blues progression, you can start out playing the major pentatonic for the first 4 bars, and then switch to the minor pentatonic.

Here's another cool thing you can do:

Over a static chord vamp, like an A major chord, you can alternate between the A major scale and the A major pentatonic scale. Remember that the A major pentatonic is a subset of A major. A major just has the 2 extra notes.

Again, not to beat a dead horse, but then you'll be able to put into action all the cool tips and strategies I'm givin' ya'. It's a no-nonsense guarantee if you don't think the system rocks.

Hire Me?!

So give it a whirl, and you'll be whirling around the fretboard in new amazing ways.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mr Big - Green Tinted Sixties Mind intro tab

Mr Big.. I think the backing vocals/harmonies for the Green Tinted Sixties Mind kind of master piece, are absolutely incredible. This is just pure talent and musicianship. No pitch correctors or auto-tune, just 4 guys who are dedicated to their craft.

Something you should know about Mr. Big - Green-Tinted Sixties Mind intro tab is.. Did you ever notice how old movie from the sixties have sort of a green tint to them? Strange but true. Super band! Well who doesn't want to be a part of this band. Hard rock or ballad name it they can deliver it.. Love Eric's voice in this song.. masterpiece!

Hire Me?!

All guitarists must do something on a low level in order to surprise and raise hell with their amazing skills ;) Well.. Paul Gilbert composed this song and many other Mr Big classics. In my opinion he deserves as much credit as a songwriter as a guitarist; all his songs are endearing, and catchy as hell.

Well.. this is it..

h po h po po h h h tap po po tap
h h

For better or worse...

Mr Big - Green Tinted Sixties Mind intro tab

But guys.. everyone raves about Paul Gilbert's guitar playing, but tend to forget about the awesome bass playing by Billy Sheehan, definitely one of the best there is.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Suspended Chord

I like to say that this course is not JUST for beginners because even though I do start at ground zero, there's 75 powerful examples of classic songs that any guitarist would enjoy.

And let me GIVE this course to you as an amazing bonus... All you need to do is: take action and jump on my "Bonker Offer" today. It's going to bounce out of here in the next day or so.

The Suspended chord is an unusual chord used in rock guitar.

Here let me show it you:


Try playing the A major chord and the Asus chord together in a riff like this:


This chord rocks so hard because the suspended chord basically resolves to the major chord and they are only different by one note, and that note is only 1 fret away. That's the quick explanation. For the whole story, check out the ultimate beginner guitar course.

Now if you're having trouble reading these tabs, or if you really want to see how this chord is used in some classic rock tunes, I suggest you check out the course. I show you how this coolio chord is used in classic rock songs.. and.. Not only that, but you'll learn all the important
chords as well.

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So don't miss out on the chance to save a lot of dinero. For only $29.95 you're going to get:

Killer Guitar Control Secrets 3 DVD set (which sells for $97) And the online version Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course (worth $49.95 -- and you get instant access!) I really recommend that you grab this offer while you can:

Friday, July 08, 2011

How to be a Blues Guitarist

Want to double your blues guitar skills in just 3 hours of fun? Do you want to have the impression of experienced musicians, and get their respect in a few seconds?

If you can get new heights by infusing the sounds of sultry electric blues-style Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins, Freddie King, BB KING, Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy, if you say YES to these questions, then today is your lucky because that day I have something that will blues all your dreams come true.

It is a rare type of guitar. Let's face it, everyone can be a good guitarist, after decades of practice. But they has reached a level of mastery most guitarists only dream, and he was no less than 5 years.

Hire Me?!

Amazing... This was very nice, when you was so excited to hear that they was invited to move to Nashville England. It has clearly tapped with the right knowledge and a deep secret to be able to play like this is only a few years experience under his belt, and that is why I am so excited about the movie and converting it to the blues, and share their unique perspectives with all of you guys.

The best part: They are great teachers. This really blows your mind. And it will be even more crazy when you see how easy your fingertips to get the evil blue body Guitar Master Class program is on DVD complete button.

Go to the site!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

SIGMA UKRAINE - Your software outsourcing partner

Successfully start, runs and possesses enough resources to complete any size project. Office space, each with a strong hardware and a number of extensions to the Internet, telephone lines, software connected to a broadband connection on a member of a comfortable workplace: including their software development services and technical infrastructure.

Technical Infrastructure

Their custom development software experts from more than hundreds of businesses and a variety of skills with solid experience in a wide range. Induced effects are soft and plan for each worker in the depth of talent and creativity to the company is able to load.

Professionalism and reliability is trully committed to any kind of projects that speak about technology competence and skill to know - how are obliged to undertake. The project, which is used for each phase, soft on the effects of their great commitment to using knowledge, creativity and ability to the maximum and effective actions.

Te Rojo Para Adelgazar - Te Pu-Erh

Red Tea is a beverage popular in South Africa and Spain, so you can call it Te Pu-Erh: Te Rojo Para Adelgazar. It is oxidized and dried leaves of plant Aspalathus linearis. Technically, red tea is not tea, Camellia sinensis leaves are not, tea bushes. Many South African companies exports red tea, it has become popular in other parts of the world, a tearoom and restaurant, this is a shared sacrifice, and it can not be found in many markets.

This drink is also sometimes called rooibos, check out the mother plant. Africa, South African Dutch hybrid, 'Rooibos'  meaning 'red bush'. Native Africans have used tea leaves in the mountains for centuries when European explorers entered the red tea, they get a taste. The common name, red tea while technically correct, it has become so common is generally considered acceptable, except for fans all over the road.

South African Rooibos plant only grows in a small area. In summer the leaves are gathered, easy bruising, and allowed to oxidize, which will turn red. After a period of oxidation, tea, dried and packaged for sale. Rooibos is also possible to find a green, fresh leaves will dry quickly without any oxidation. South African red tea to drink and is very popular.