Monday, March 29, 2010

Seen in high places

Seen in high places

A company's reputation is founde on its business practice and experience. The image above created by a simple contemporary pattern using several techniques of brush. Uses a wide variety of filters and tools.

Whatever your line of business, the image your company presents to clients will be affected by the quality of the fitouts in your office premises.

Image stocks needed : Photo of a city (building view), Old paper texture (grunge texture), and a magnifique performer showing his best move.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All Round Performers

genial - Tekuk Aja Kang

Today's work environment is constantly changing. I offers a range of flexible, ergonomic and stylish logo embience.

The demand of a busy career often mean we spend almost as much time and space at the office for example as we do at home. So ergonomic thing that can be adapted easily to suit personal needs ia a huge bonus in today's work environment.

Image stocks needed : Use your wild imagination!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reflecting the Brand

genial - Color your Life

A bright and cheerful environment is almost always reflected in the marketing of its products.

Another key factor in brand presentation is the look of the corporate workflow. The only constant in today's workplace is change, so office, negihbor, workflow, you name it, needs to be not only black and white, not only practical and even comfortable, but also adaptable.

Image stocks needed : Your own cartoon caracter.

Is this seat taken?

genial - Monggo

Yes can be customised to suit a range of environments.

With its simple lines and clean design, this is especially appropriate where chnage is given; where moving, storing and reconfiguration are common; wher comfort is a must.

Image stocks needed : Use your wild imagination!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Outrageous

Hi there again. Today, I am going to talk to you through this small review of the newest and most advanced service in booking tickets online 24 hours a day seven days a week. They provide various types of tickets, ranging from music concerts, drama performances, sporting events, festivals, movies, training up your tour, you name it doods.

I'm gonna show you a little more about them in three different sections. First, Jiffy Lube Live Tickets. D'ya guys like Greenday so much? Got the intention to watch the performance of the oldschool rock Iron Maiden, or another post-grunge band that had disbanded some years ago and now -a t this time- announced that they have now reunited. Creed. Hell yeah! Creed!!! They had declared dissolved in 2004 ago, at the time. You can find it all there on Jiffy Lube Live Schedule and Dates. Wanna buy it? Click on a Jiffy Lube Live event directly from the schedule.

For the football lovers, you came to the right place. Reliant Stadium Tickets is the answer for that. In fact, wherever you are in the world, they will try to serve the needs of your needs. Take advantage of pulse-efficient reservation facility. You might make reservations through yahoo messenger, or directly contact the appropriate phone number with your mobile phone you use.

Another great support you'll get there is AMERICAN AIRLINES ARENA TICKETS. A theatre in Dallas, Texas. American Airlines owns the rights on this theater. Tickets to concerts are a lot of difficult to achieve. There are lines all the time and stage shows. Believe me, it's hard to get to the place to obtain seats for these shows.. They will be very expensive. could help you achieve the best located at affordable cost to you. is an innovative service bookings and ticket sales for various events under one roof (Box Ticket One Stop Shopping). Various categories of tickets that will be served to be booked:
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Why the customers choose

* is a product innovation for one stop shopping service ticket box unique and interesting. Inside was a variety of types of services ranging from varying types of tickets are available, the availability of choice means of delivery to the flexibility in choosing the method of payment.
* Buyers can get event information easily, quickly and completely related to the event which will be searchable through the service 24 hours from website via the internet, and in the near term could also be enjoyed through sms.
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Get the easiest and latest impressive experience in ticket reservations, fast and reliable only in

Shape of things to come

genial - Atas Bawah Production

A major art gallery was added and we lobbied for further commercial spaces to create additional site destinations.

Shape and form take dominant roles in these new interpretations of a public space, an Atas Bawah productions.

Image stocks needed : Use your wild imagination!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Solid as a ROCK!

Solid as a ROCK!

Sometimes, going back to basics is the best way to find solutions for our busy modern lives.

Getting right down to the rock bottom was the key to discovering a natural solution for sound insulation.

Sounds nice on your ears?

Image stocks needed : A nice beautiful lady.

The Shining City

Ka'bah - The Shining City

The solid green is a key for the entire project, establishing precise and varying relationship with the diverse context of the city and landscape around.

It demonstrates that the most important existance of a civic space is endowed by its use.

Image stocks needed : Use your wild imagination!

New Vintage

New Vintage

This kinda PS Holic logo (one of the most colorful one) combines the traditions of French wine making with the forms and colors of the local landscape.

New Vintage

Image stocks needed : Use your wild imagination!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Rainbow Text

Rainbow TextWould you like to know how to create the Rainbow Effect on your Text with Photoshop? If yes, so, this tutorial is specialy made for you!

First thing first.. Open your new document, mine is the default size (1024x768px), then fill it with Black. After that, activate the Text Tool by pressing T on your PC. I choose AvantGarde Md BT. Keep the text on the center of your canvas by pressing Ctrl + A then press V, you can pick the option like this image below said ;

Rainbow Text

Next, you need to add different color to each letter on the text, you can't do edit it at least you resterize first the type. Right-clicking on the PELANGI layer to resterize it.

Activate your Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) to create selection on each letter. Do that on first letter, which is P in our case here, press Ctrl + Shift + J to cut selected letter and move it into the new layer later on. You can rename it by each caracter (mine is P) or you can leave it as the default. Watch the Palette Layer on the right corner of your workflow there.

Rainbow Text

D'ya remember about the song merah kuning hijau di langit yang biru?!?!? lmao!!! Apply then the Color Overlay layer style to the P layer, pick the Red first (that's the default). Press OK!

Rainbow Text

Ok, you can do the rest of the song by your self. Go back to the PELANGI layer and cut every letter (like you did to the P letter) to simply separate and make each letter in each layer with the same way. Quick apply the same Blending Options to each letter by using your own colors be in mutual accord to the song.

Rainbow Text


Red = #FF0000
Yellow = #FFF200
Green = #00FF00
Blue = #0000FF
Pink = #EC008C
Orange = #F7941D
Magenta = #FF00FF

You can delete then the PELANGI layer from your Palette Layer because it's no longer exist, it is empty now. Guys.. merge all that letters in one single layer again and name it back to pelangi!!! Lmao.. what a step!!!

Press Ctrl + J to duplicate this such layer. Go apply Filter > Blur > Motion Blur to the lower original layer with similar settings;

Angle = 90
Distance = 200 px

Note: For the Distance, it depends on your image size or your letter size. Play around with that.

Rainbow Text

Looking good, isn’t it?!?! C'mon c'mon c'mon.. Keep on creating effect, doods.. Go to the upper layer which is pelangi copy layer, then use Select > Load Selection or you can short it cut by simply press the Ctrl + Click the layer thumbnail from Palette Layer to load the selection (selection of our text line).

Next, use again the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and hold Alt button to cut away the lower part of selection. Nice trick isn't it?!?! Continue with pressing Shift + Ctrl + N to create new layer and name it bright section or whatever you like! Fill this selected area (and of course in the bright section layer) with white to transparent gradient color.

Rainbow Text

Easy guys, easy..!!! Turn the Opacity or bright section layer into about 50%.

Well, I don't think I’ve not pretty much explained for this time.. You've obviously finished this tutorial folks.. Good luck and thank you for reading this tutorial. Hope you enjoyed it much, even just a lil' bit.

Rainbow Text

Read this in Bahasa!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Professional Hair Processing

Professional Hair ProcessingIf you work in an office environment, the chances are you spend the majority of your working day sitting down. Since everyone is different, we all need chairs that suit our body shapes, height and working styles if we're going to be comfortable.

That is for your need of office kinda situations. What about your self? Your fashion. Your style. Your freedom of interpreting something. Manicure-pedicure or something? Nope this time is not about that. We're gonna talk about how to make a professional processing of your hair in your boring office with Photoshop, I meant by here is your image/photograph ofcourse, lol... You can add any different shades you like and bring some shine to the hair. Sounds delicious to me.. lmao.

Ok, first thing first.. pick some appropriate picture of woman with a long hair (in case you don't have your own long hair's picture) to work with. Open it up and you can start with me along the way.

Professional Hair Processing

Here I use Catherine as my model =p~... I think we don't need the whole part of that image, so I crop it and erase the crowd behind Catherine away. Don't get me mad of this guys, you know what to do :p You can crop the Catherine out of the background by the Extraction, use the highlighter tool to cover the edges of the areas to be retained. Try Smart highlighting on well-defind edges..

Professional Hair Processing

Note : The chortcut to do the Extraction is by hitting Ctrl + Alt + X from your keyboard.

Or... you can simply use the old way (but the powerful one in my side, lol), the Pen Tool (P)

Professional Hair Processing

Is this seat taken Sir?!?! Is that way answer to your questions about it? Available to your style? Yes, I hope so. Yes can be costumised to suit a range of an instruments or tools in Photoshop.

Guys, I think the Catherine is too loud colours there... :( It's too bright, I don't really like that situation..) So I'm gonna need to make her faint and lil' bit mellow. Enter the menu Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation... or you can apply that by pressing Ctrl + U to short it cut.. and turn down the Saturation into about -39 or something.

Professional Hair Processing,

Usualy, when you intend to create this such effect with your photograph, you should first apply some shiny part of the hair, you have to bring some shine to the hair.. but this image I brought to you has have it own shiny hair, so I am going to skip the Hair Dodging section. Is it totally suck to you? hahaha..

Enuf with your perfect photograph, now we move to the next level of tuto. The coloring hair step. Create multiple spread sheet (layers) and make a color into each layer. So you can see them in different layers with different colors. Start it with Pure Red Orange >>> #f26522.

Professional Hair Processing

Have fun guys! Create four or five more color highlight there like this:

Professional Hair Processing

OK, merge all your color layers into a single one, name it as you like, mine is Colors, what about yours? (Couldn't think of anything funnier to put there folks.. Sorry, hahahaha..) and go to the menu Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur with radius 2-3 px.. Here's the way why Photoshop is called the 8th world wonderers.. Easy guys easy.. wanna prove it? OK, Change the Blending Mode to Overlay. Alakazam!!!

Professional Hair Processing

It would be absolutely more sophisticated if you Duplicate the Colors layer by pressing Ctrl + J and turn the opacity down into about 21% or something.

Professional Hair Processing

You know now what the heck am I doing with the eyes part then doods.. Here we are again. Save your work carefuly and spread the love all over the J town... I'd sure be glad to help.. as always.


Professional Hair Processing


Professional Hair Processing

View the Professional Hair Processing image galery here!

Professional Hair Processing I.G.

Professional Hair ProcessingSo here we are again... at least.. :(

You guys can view the tutorial about this Professional Hair Processing here..!!!


or not...


Professional Hair Processing

Professional Hair Processing

Professional Hair Processing

Professional Hair Processing

Professional Hair Processing