Saturday, November 05, 2011

Sweeping Technique

No matter how sophisticated the sweeping licks that you played, but when it's came in a dark not clear tone ringing, that would make no sense.

The ears of people who would prefer listening to music with the feast melodies that touch the heart, rather than party-tone technique with a tone that sounded abysmally. People play the tapes to listen to songs and beautiful tones of the music instrument, not a finger exercise. Phrasing is the key, and the game is to clean tools.

Like people talking, too fast will be easy to lose articulation, but when mediocrity can be enjoyed like a fairy tale.

So.. play everything first gradually with slow tempo, in order to properly record the brain finger movements on the fingerboard. Practice with a metronome, because nobody wants to play with players who often escape the tempo. (Remember always to go back to basics before attempting the tricky part or something..)

After seeing the concert Strings Chamber Music EVE opening act, there is an appearance that is rather disturbing. Quartet played the difficult repertoire written by Mozart reciprocal-back tone. The violin played very fast, but the tone is played is not accurate. In the ear sounded awful, but the perform with their moving fingers is very clever.

Hire Me?!

Same thing like Yngwie Malmsteen (Not to offend or criticize the maestro), hello.. the whole world expects to him to compose a very beautiful song, not a fast sweep picking technique show-off as fast as the lightning strikes.