Thursday, February 14, 2013

Remembering Who You Are

Remembering Who You Are

This moment, we're connected, in the place in the heart..
our heart is connected

That place in the cosmos where all beings connect

To connect with you

wherever you are
whatever you do
whatever you be
we are connected

Take a deep breath

Our intention in this moment
is to assist you
to clean the amnesia

That which has been placed into the third eye

That which causes the majority to forget that they are one with supreme Love

Be it

You begin to allow the essence of who you are

Through your action

Wherever you are in the world
I am there with you in this moment

Put your attention on your third eye

Keep the eyes closed

Begin to visualize sparks of the light deep into the third eye
like your fire works

Remember and remember who you are
that form this moment
you'll see truth
take a deep breath
let it come from in to out

Remember who you are