Thursday, February 14, 2013

Remembering Who You Are

Remembering Who You Are

This moment, we're connected, in the place in the heart..
our heart is connected

That place in the cosmos where all beings connect

To connect with you

wherever you are
whatever you do
whatever you be
we are connected

Take a deep breath

Our intention in this moment
is to assist you
to clean the amnesia

That which has been placed into the third eye

That which causes the majority to forget that they are one with supreme Love

Be it

You begin to allow the essence of who you are

Through your action

Wherever you are in the world
I am there with you in this moment

Put your attention on your third eye

Keep the eyes closed

Begin to visualize sparks of the light deep into the third eye
like your fire works

Remember and remember who you are
that form this moment
you'll see truth
take a deep breath
let it come from in to out

Remember who you are

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pantera - Walk - Dime Riff - Distortion

Among the rows of classic albums belonging to Pantera, the single Walk is one of a precious antique recordings ever produced the Scot. Album Songs of Faith ... contains a new surge of negative energy wave and goth-rock Electric have a dark-dark gloomy lake water that mysterious...

Remains driven by the cold-faced brain konseptro Dime Bag, Pantera seemed to know only dark colors in the lives and careers of their music and the outside world while spinning, the group chose to stop all the mirth-Riaan and hope they are happy in the circulation time .

Sound of music, lyrics and feel of the existing built through heavy rock music sythesizer pessimistic and that comes through a knock-knock grim and small explosions goth music flowing slowly.

Here's the Pantera - Walk - Dime Riff - Distortion 1

Indeed, Pantera - Walk is an expert and one of the pioneers in the creation and the image darkens goth-rock genre becomes more mysterious and "sick" even if the music they produce is actually quite pop and a lot has intelligent elements from the "death of the art of sound".

...and this.. is Pantera - Walk - Dime Riff - Distortion 2

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So.. what about the Pantera - Walk - Dime - Solo part?!?!?!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Andra and The Backbone - Sempurna

The song 'Sempurna', which belongs hit Andra and The Backbone of successful Indonesian music scene, a few years ago, was created during the band is doing a jam session.

"Initially Stevie... play the guitar chords but the lyrics are still not there. When I heard the song was amazing. So can not make the lyrics are mediocre. So I made this song the lyrics to God, but the interpretation to be more universal, and the couple also can, "said Andra band's driving force, in Rolling Stone Café, South Jakarta, Wednesday night.

Andra added, if the song 'Perfect' as vent and pray to God. "If you play that song again, like a vent or pray. I regard praying on stage, "he added.

The personnel Andra and TheBackbone also try to create the best songs for his fans in the country. A year ago, they never issued a single hits so called 'Alibi' but not released a new album. But recently they have responded in May 2012 by releasing his new album titled 'IV'.

..And guys.. here's the TAB Andra and The Backbone - Sempurna..

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Metallica - Battery

The title refers to the battery in the street in San Francisco. It is in this way that many clubs, where Metallica was the first game. "Battery is in me," shows that early in the Battery Street are important to them: Batteries where «Mad find you" and "your break boundaries». (Thanks, Eddy - Newcastle NI, Ireland)

James Hetfield once said. "There are good and bad sides of the battery are very negative." Metallica covered it for their live album S & M, which is recorded in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. (Thanks, Vincent - Orangebur, NY, for above 2)

I think that the "District destruction" part of the moshpit, you know that the singer tells the audience in a circle and go nuts if WHIRLPOOL: Anyone who has ever been to a metal show, or see a television knows what I'm talking about By the way, I think the song speaks to many levels James grossly underestimated as a lyricist (or, in this case, even the guitarist).

This is my favorite song by Metallica and always. Battery and transparent about how power and energy metal.Metallica club music, like many other metal bands have a lot of music from the 80, and the group at that time, as well as weak and inferior to their general and metals.

Metal is a very aggressive form of music and if you get an error that it can become obsession, then pounding out the aggression turned into obsession can stop the battery on their commitment to their style of play and lack of metal in the second part of the game, 80 years on, and although they werent going to stop it. Let ripped and torn away from the glam metal bands of the 80's.

Despite the fact that they get softer, and in recent years the afr speak their AlcoholicA determined by their first decade together. Unlike some groups of the era, which was reduced to playing Track dogs and Javakhk, ie (Bret micheals), their music, their heritage and their contribution to the evolution of music STAND time. they said that they are going to kick ass and made more than one cenyury qutar. Each motley Crue Ratt air was filled with poison, but there is only one Metallica.

The group consists of James, Lars, Kirk and Rob on I know, I know they always will be. Partly true, Intro consisting of acoustic and electric guitars, although I do not think, Metallica studio intro to the battery and a bass part for the song, as it is written, that the song begins with a guitar and orchestra version.

Only four members of the group, and not know. Just two part, cuz Metallica only two guitar players. and they enjoy the rock guitarist, or roll is the only one who has played the song at the time.

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Monday, January 07, 2013

Ocke Casper

Do you have any idea who the Ocke Casper is? If you do not know yet about it all.. just go check in Ocke Casper from this page. Whenever you are wondering to join the team, you can easily check on the "Register As A Team Member" at the top of the page (if I am not mistaken :p). Do not forget to write down any suggestions and messages to him when he manifests any kind of news.

Something supernatural was captured a couple of weeks ago, with the help of psychic, Ocke Casper directly inserted into the bottle. Is this some kind of monster or what?! :p Said resident Similarly, the ghost appeared and often disturbing family homeowners. When it is being photographed, the white stripe of his misery was also start recorded, like a cartoon character Casper him self.

Come visit the Ocke Casper or Okke Ristian now.

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Just make your self at home. Enjoy guys...