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Creating a Customized Product

Creating a Customized ProductI recently finished a How To Create An Effective Advertisement post for some folks where I had to take a kind of long explanation without giving them vector piece of stock of art or something and even customize how it looks like in Photoshop style of magic, lol.

Doods.. This tutorial is some basic shape transformations, using the Rectangle tool (U) with color fill or adjustment layer to create a fresh-looking stuff to achieve the final result. Fellas... Just sit back, buckled up.. kick your feet up and watch the magic I'll give y'all. Let’s get started!

Step 1 - Background Preparation

I’m working with a 580px wide and 700px height at 72ppi document.

For a print quality file, 150-300ppi is just great, but still.. it depends on your printer’s desired file size.

Use the Gradient tool (G) for the next step and set it up to Radial Gradient, as shown in the image below..

Creating a Customized Product

Apply then the #eef5fd for your Foreground and #84b2ed for your Background.

Creating a Customized Product

Step 2 - Rectangle Tool Implementation

Creating a Customized Product

Now... on two separate layers, create two main shapes using Rectangle tool (U) you've set up earlier (see the image above) and don't forget to name each.. (1) Main, the body of the bottle shape layer and (2) Cap, for the cap or head of the bottle.

Creating a Customized Product

My both shapes above created by repositioning the upper side of the Main layer as well as the Cap layer by Transforming the Perspective of each shapes wider.

Step 3 - Coloring (Fill or Adjustment Layer)

Now we're gonna add the color and also the shadings for the main shapes we made, both of 'em. First we should activate your Main shape or Cup shape by clicking on their layer (you just pick one of 'em, lol)... (I just couldn't think of anythin' funnier to put there.. Sorry).

After that, click the Create New Fill or Adjustment layer button at the bottom of your Palette layer. We will add a gradient color to cover the shape. Choose Gradient.. there is little pop up windows come up, set like the image below..

Creating a Customized Product

The color combination I put on the box is the color I used on the Step 1. It's all arranged with that way (...of life, again I just couldn't think of anythin' funnier to put there..) just because.. we wanna make the cylindrical illusion in that shape.

Rasterize that Gradient fill layer by Right+Clicking on its layer, than hit Rasterize Layer. Hold on..! Why you should do that? It's because you will rotate the Gradient Fill layer and fix it with the Cup (The Cup of the bottle). Just because I'm so lazy on adding it by way a selection or something like that (or just because I’m just that kind of guy).. so I lose my mind with this?!?! Lmao! You should Rasterize it first so you can edit just like what you want :p (Did you notice.. how many Rasterize words in this paragraph???)

OK..(still.. no better joke) Take a breath for a moment guys...!

While you're done preparing your hot delicious coffee with a djisamsoe or something, sit back and complete your work flow... Now.. I'll give this two alternative in coloring. First.. You can use your Brush tool (B) set to a size of about 90px, color the Main shape (the bottle layer) you made with this two color #252525 and #FFFFFF, and change the Blend mode into Hard Light, and turn the Fill down into about 37%..

Or you can add a New Gradient Layer above the Main layer to cover up the bottle just like I did with the Cup.. Here I use the second (just because that's the point.. that what I', talking about) to apply the color (of course with the same sets as you use for the Brush's).

Creating a Customized Product

Let's get back to our Cup.. we have something to do with the gap between the Cup and the Main bottle... First, Ctrl+click your Cup thumbnail to invoke the selection of it. While the selection is active, click the gradient layer above the Cup layer, we're gonna add another Gradient Layer above it. Done? Ok, don't go anywhere, you should do click Create New Fill or Adjustment layer on the bottom of your palette layer, then choose Gradient! Fill it with #002350 and transparent, Style = Linear, Angle = -90. Leave the Scale 100% and Check the Align with Layer.

Creating a Customized Product

Then your product will become like this...

Creating a Customized Product

That's not good, is it?!?! Who's the one that agree with me... it's not good enuf! Raise your hands. lol!!! Let me tell you this.. you'll need this to fix the prob.

Hire Me?!

Click Ctrl+T to invoke the Transform tool.. Drag your bottom Gradient Fill (you've created above the light blue gradient) just like I show you here.. watch this carefully!!!

Creating a Customized Product

Put your Cursor between Gradient Fill1 and Gradient Fill 3, hold it there, press Alt.. than you'll see the icon of people wearing headset, lol (shit.. I dunno what to say doods!!!) D'ya know what I mean?!?!

That's what we called Clipping Mask fellas.. Take it easy! If you see that damn ghost, Hit your cursor (click it)!

Your image would look like this.. If it doesn't work..?!?!? Repeat until you get that, lmao!

Creating a Customized Product

To be Continued...

Complete tutorial : James Pond's 1, James Pond's 2, James Pond's 3, James Pond's 4.


  1. seandainya pake bahasa indonesia..
    pusingnya jadi g dobel..

  2. nii uda saiia pikirkan masak2.. sabar ajja mungkin nanti saiia akan buat satu blog lagi khusus versi bhsa indonesianya kali iia... soalnya klu di sini saiia rubah semua.. saiia masih sayang mbak :( gpp kan ?!?!?

    makasii iia kunjungannya.. sukses buat bisnis ori*nya :)

  3. ternyata lebih asyik melihat hasil yang sudah jadi daripada melihat gimana cara membuatnya.

    kalo kata @zanottama, pusingnya dobel, tapi buat saya pusingnya 7 turunan 7 tanjakan dan 7 belokan untuk bisa ngerti :(

  4. wah....kalau yang kaya ginian temen saya nih ahlinya....desaign mendesaign..he.he..kerenzz...

  5. Wow, u wrote it in English. And of course, a little bit make me confused coz im not good in english first and also i dont know anything about photoshop *lol

    and about the pict above (ponds), doest it has been created by you? i love it :)

  6. Nice blog..keep it up. God bless u..

  7. "pangeran datang. bukan dengan kekuatan tapi dengan senyum" folow balas folow Linkoeh juga pasng yokay....

    pulang jum'atan langsung mampir ke blognya sahabat

  8. umpama rumah situ dket sini.. pasti tak mampiri, soale aku paling doyan otak -atik gituan...

  9. Thanks for your support.... nice post...thanks

  10. Ayo Raih 1 juta pengunjung, caranya sangat mudah.
    1.Klik 6 ads
    2.Catat kode yang muncul
    3.Masukan Nomor kode pada kotak yang tersedia
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    Jangan lupa ajak 10 teman melakukan yang sama...thanks

  11. I like working with photoshop too, nice tutorial.

    Thank you for join Blogger Challenge 2011, hope u r posting much better until end off 2011

  12. backgroundnya pas mantap
    aku bikin ga bagus
    ga bakat neh aku

  13. hahaha ngakak baca komen raditha
    memang lebih asik liat hasil yg udah jadi ya
    dan di balik hasil yang terlihat bagus itu ternyata prosesnya begitu njelimet
    tapi bagi peminatnya tentu prosesnya pun terasa asik

    keren mas!

  14. It's a good tutorial, bro.
    I will tell my brother about this since I am not familiar with this stuff. Usually I use photoscape, it works for me, simple application for a beginner like me, LOL.

  15. waah pantas aja yaa..kalau udah lihat di majalah
    sebuah prosuk jadi terlihat ngecling
    ternyata di PS dulu
    alangkah lugunya saya :)

    eniwy..ada 4 kata Rasterize yg dipakai
    masih bisa diterima koq hihi

  16. menikmati hasil akhirnya lebih memuaskan :D

  17. keren banget tutorialnya
    lengkap banget.. lumayan buat nambah ilmu
    thx ya

  18. Walah... pake bahasa linggis. Susah euy...

  19. good trick , thanks for your tips :D

  20. @ all : thnx for coming.. really appreciate it.. maaf gag bisa blsin satu2 di sini, tapi saiia berusaha bales di rumah akang mbak semua iia ;)

  21. iklan ponds nih :D
    ditunggu lanjutannya, untuk sitti iklannya bisa diatur warnanya seperti adsense

    untuk harga perklik juga mirip adsense, tergantung dari "bidding" advertiser,

  22. @ r10 : salah akangnya weee.. buakn Pond's kang.. :(
    masa sii kang bisa di atur.. ko' semua user yg saiia temuin keknya sama semua warnanya?!?!
    @ TUKANG CoLoNG : bukan kang :(

  23. Terimakasih banyak untuk informasinya ... sangat berguna sekali ... kalau ada waktu lowong mau mencoba juga nih ...

  24. waduh..lumayan pusing juga tuh,soalnya tidak lihai juga nih bahasa inggrisnya,bolak balik buka kamus hehehe..

    btw thanx infonya,nanti aku coba..

  25. @ nchie : pelan2 asal kelakon jeng :)

  26. mangtafff
    ikut-ikutan membuat ah

  27. monggooo.. hope you like the output :)

  28. **mampir nengokin genial

    sory oot..

  29. ihhh,,, makin keren aja tekniknya (tapi makin bingung) hahahhahaa


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