Sunday, January 23, 2011

Maybe you can be one of us

Allow me to reveal this little secret: I was actually just a... Let say... horrible photoshopper. More accurately I can say that there are times when a designer has the lowest point of their creativity, I know, this could be happen not only in the field that I admire, it occurred in all areas of our lives.

Usually this is caused sometimes by such a tight time frame, hostility, disputes between clients, the disaster, either it was a small disaster or a large one, private or public (it occur anywhere, anytime and by anyone), or something else entirely, However.. we really should find a way to be able to anticipate things like this until we can find and return to our own comfort workplace.

What to do?

Be a critical to your own work.. Well.. I don't know.. It is difficult indeed to be able to be very critical to your own work. That's the hardest thing that we usually encounter isn't it?!?! As a designer who also manages designers team, I had the opportunity to test some techniques to work through a slump, beat fatigue, and creative challenges.. but... Not Now!!! I'm not gonna share you all about that this night, next time might be just fine :p I gotta go, I got something to do... Arrivederci :)


  1. "is caused sometimes by such a tight time frame, hostility, disputes between clients, the disaster, either it was a small disaster or a large one, private or public (it occur anywhere, anytime and by anyone)"

    AGREE! damn, we're just human, rite. People always expect something brilliant from us. but they dont know, it needs good mood

    +1 gan

  2. maksudnya rasa bosan yah mas? rasa bosan menghinggapi tidak hanya designer, tetapi juga blogger

    untuk mengatasinya, mungkin perlu berlibur atau santai melakukan relaksasi agar otak fresh kembali :)

  3. hehee... nice...
    dipikir lagi ah :D

  4. seniman online maupun offline, yang penting dinikmati.. bosan pasti ada lah he he.. relaxing, siul-siul di pinggir kali :D

  5. be photoshoper is amazing,,i should learn more for be better designer =P

  6. keluhan mas tentang blog mas, kayaknya itu berada pada browsernya
    coba clear cache ataupun cookies nya :)

  7. coba cache browser di clear atau googling saja dengan keyword:

    blogspot "Our systems have detected unusual traffic"

    baik di atau google.or id

  8. Ini bisa diakses Om..!!, btw My bad, my linggis not too god. so sorry

  9. salam persahabatan
    bhs inggris nggak begitu paham
    yang penting silaturrahmi

  10. bener... hmm tapi jenuh emang biasa, asal jangan sampe keterusan aja yak :D

  11. There's always be a time like this.. We'll be patiently looking forward for your next design! All the work that you've done I think is amazing.I like them.

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥
    Pinkie Anggia ☺

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  15. Just wanted to drop by and say hello! Thank you so much for the comments on my blog!! Hope 2011 is treating you well. God Bless!

  16. @ all : hatur tengkyu buat akang sama sist yang masih ttp setia datang berkunjung ke log ini sementara saiia belum bisa berkunjung balik... tapi ttp.. pasti di usahain di cicil satu-persatu tuk di datengin lagi ;)

    @ ♥ sugarpuff ♥ : asli, kadang susah banged buat komen di tempatnya non nya karena di tumblr atau apalah namanya, entah inet saiia yang odong2 atau gmn, tapi emang suatu waktu saiia bisa akses, namun kadanggag bisa... jadi cuma kadang2 ajja.. :( tapi ttp saiia usahain supaya ttp bisa dateng ke sana :)

  17. Ikut numapang pasang knil disini ya gan . . . . ,
    :D :D


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