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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Long road to James 007

Creating a Customized ProductToday I'm gonna show you the rest of how you customized advertising product, but still.. it's not the last part of it.. Lol. There are more steps to catch doods... lmao.

Step 5 - Fix the Gap

Guys, if you done all those tricky parts, you still can see the gap between the Main bottle and it Cup. Now.. with some modification of shapes, you definitely could cover that up nicely.

Here I will show you how I put something there to do it. Prepare this first.. Set your Foreground with this #9fa5b0 color. Create a new layer above the Background layer. Create a selection like the image above told you and fill it with that color!

Image Hosted by

Step 6 - Bottle Sealed

Next to me I do is, adding the Sealed portion of the bottle. First thing first, for this procedure, I'll start by placing two base line in different layer. To do this, press Ctrl + N to create New Layer, Draw a simple line on this layer by pressing the U key on your keyboard. Pick the Line Tool from the menu, Draw it! Just like as shown in Fig.

Image Hosted by

Add the style of this layer by Right-Clicking it than choose Blending > Bevel and Emboss.

Image Hosted by

Again you'll gonna need the New Fill or Adjustment Layer. To do so.. click its button than to fill the line with a Light Blue (#74a8eb) color like I did. If you're done.. Duplicate the line by Pressing Ctrl + J! Don't forget to copy the layer style as well as the first line. Now you have two line on the Cup of your bottle with two different Light Blue (#74a8eb) color fill adjustment. Do the clipping mask to both of them!

Hire Me?!

Image Hosted by

Now I am going to add the recessed area for the cap. Using the Rounded Rectangle (my favo) tool (U) set to your need. I use this set.. Inner Shadow as a Layer Style, Blend Mode : Multiply, color : #2469c2, Opacity : 75%, Angle : -90, Distance : 2px, Choke : 0%, Size : 2px

Image Hosted by

Color Overlay as a Layer Style, Blend Mode : Normal, Color : #adccf3, Opacity : 100%

Image Hosted by

Your product should look like this (or even close.. lol.)

Image Hosted by

Tired or sumthin'? :( I AM!!!
Complete tutorial : James Pond's 1, James Pond's 2, James Pond's 3, James Pond's 4.


wew, ane punya kembaran nih
mantab kang

dari dulu belajar shotoshop gak bisa2 ni kang

iia ternyata kita kembaran kang :) xixixixixix...

kayaknya selera sama nih

iya kang, biasanya sehari 5-10 postingan
tergantung ada berapa film atau musik yg update tiap harinya

emang mantaps kalu gtu kang.. lancar jaya!!!

Infonya oke banget. Menambah pengetahuan bagi siapa saja yang ingin mempelajari lebih dalam tentang photoshop

Ajarin yang buat animasi kartun, genial bisa nggak ngasih tutorialnya?! Pengen nggambar yang kartun2 gitu >.<

Berbagi teknik
menebar manfaat
salut :)

judulnya maknyussssssssss

salam kenal Kang
tengkyu ya telah berkunjung
semoga bisa menjadi sahabat
salam sukses..


jadul ritek penting kereaktif,heheeee

it's really useful info :) tq 4 share :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hello my friend Genial, thank you very much for your visit, I am writing in English for my visitors to read my postages, happy Friday with peace and happiness. Hugs Valter.

@ Ajeng Sari Rahayu : sudah ada kuk di sini.. hanya sajja bukan dengan tangan.. (manual*), baru penggunaan tekhnik LineArt nya ajja :)
mungkin nanti akan saiia terbitkan versi barunya...

@ all : coupla' kudos comin' your way.. :)

Wow! great info.. i just know how photoshop is cool to express our creative idea visually..

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