Thursday, January 13, 2011

String Bend

String BendThis is a kind of post I created in order to continue our last lesson on reading guitar tablature. This time I just wanna share you guys on how you read a bending technique on the guitar.

Do you have any idea, what the String Bend is? String Bend is a sort of techniques to raise the tone until you get the aim of the high note you want. Practice bending the strings and each direction... pushing up and pulling down. Pick a note and while it's ringing bend the string.

String BendE -------------
B -------------
D -----
G -------------
A -------------
E -------------

The intention of the image is the third string from the bottom you plucked (the string on the 4th fret) raised the voice up until you hear the sound of the note in the 6th fret.

Like pull-offs, string bending is totally a great exercise to build hand strength and is an obviously necessary element to lead guitar playing.

Hire Me?!

Hell yeah.. If you're still at an early stage, a beginner guitar students or whatever you name it, indeed.. this can make you feel sick at your fingertips. But... what's the daddy said, practice makes perfect, after all, it's not that painful.

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  1. Haduh...saya gak paham kang dengan beginian :D
    Gak tau main gitar soalnya :D

  2. iia gpp di monggo kang.. lohh?!?!

  3. i don't like play guitar,
    absolutely,i can't

    would you became my teacher??

    Visit mine..

  4. absofuckin'lutely... you can learn it here from now on :)

  5. oooo anchornya buatan akangnya sendiri.. gpp dee.. terimakasii kang iia :)


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