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Monday, January 03, 2011

How To Create An Effective Advertisement

Howdy guys.. It's been long time no hear no see no no no... what.. from you here.. :( Today, I'm gonna share on -something lil' more- out of the box.. Creating an effective Adv. Just like I said.. you don't have to be that creative genius to create simple, yet effective, advertising. Focusing on print ads, this guide takes you step-by-step through the fundamentals of writing ad copy that will sell your product or service.

What you should kow before getting started

* I'm Not an Artistic Genius
* What Should the Length of My Ad Copy Be?
* What are the Most Common Types of Advertising?
* What Forms Can Advertising Take?
* What's the Difference Between Features and Benefits?
* Where Should I Place My Ad?

How To Create An Effective AdvertisementThe Process of Creating Your Ad

* Research
* Develop a Concept
* Write

What to Expect

Again and again.. You don't have to be a creative genius to create simple, yet effective, advertising. This Photolicious will take you step-by-step through the fundamentals of writing ad copy that will sell your product or service. Photolicious will focus closely on create ads, since this is the primary type of advertising used by new and growing businesses.

But.. not now guys.. I will give you that simple post on it later. I've got something to do right now.. ciao!

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merli like this post.. :)
knp..??? kerna bentar lg bakalan dpt hal2 rumit ttg marketing management dg PR n tugas yg numpuk kaya' gunung...

asal gag perlu treak2 ke gw ajja.. huehehehe...

gw cuma mau treak2 ttg FCDB yg berubag TOTAL...ada ceritanya..??
template gw ga steang ne...:(

numpang absen kang masss....

biar klimaks aaaahhhh....aaaahhhh..ooouuugghhhhhh..
salam TWEEEWWWW.....

that's a suitable word for you!


Pinkie Anggia

Wah...klo Bang Pendi mau buka usaha beternak undur-undur kayaknya boleh juga nih minta dibuatkan iklan sama mas Genial....hehehe

Salam hangat & sukses selalu...

kupikir artikelnya berisi tutorial membuat iklan :D

@ merli : sekarang gmn? masih kurang...?!?!?! kalu mo gonta/i nunggu 3 bulan lagi ajja iia :p
@ chikal : oooooooooooooooooouch
@ Ra-kun yang sendiRIAN : balasan dini hari juga :p
@ ♥ sugarpuff ♥ : done :)
@ Noor's blog (inside of me ) : bole bole bole... Salam hangat & sukses selalu bang Pendi :)
@ r10 : besok2 ajja kang iia tuk yang satu itu... lg kdodoran banged nii soalnya :(

So good topic really i like any post talking about Business Ideas and Advices but i want to say thing to u *** not that only ... you can see in Business public relations and more , you shall search in Google and Wikipedia about that .... thanks a gain ,,,

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