Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dedicated Servers Hosting

Your lovely website is always down because the limited quota or inadequate capacity? May I introduce you Serverclub.com. Providing high quality cheap unlimited hosting services and reliable support professional. All in a single package that includes all features you need for your existence in internet. The utility of this web server hosting is totally easy, you can remote it from around the world, and also can quickly access it from around the world, it is available as well from the control panel options.

This how excellence Serverclub.com is.. all customers who wish to rent a dedicated server host can choose from several services that are listed below:

Dedicated Server Host

Dedicated Server Host is a Serverclub.com rental service, placed in a data center, the server equipment is provided and maintained very well. Dell R210 SATA with 10 Mbit/s Port speed (up to 1000 Mbit/s) and Unlimited Bandwidth and also the one with 1000 Mbit/s and 95th percentile (10 Mbit/s included) Bandwidth as an alternative choice. With those great servers listed, you will gain access to exclusive support for 24/7.

It is truly a special solution for those of you who have specific websites that are critical, or require special treatment, you can contact them at Serverclub.com sales specialist.

Obviously with them you can learn to appreciate or not appreciate something just because others do it with another server, but frankly speaking I think you already know why you should consider Serverclub.com — All of your technical problems will be handled well. From worthless to priceless. You just concentrate on your service, taking care of customers, and provide technical issue to them. Isn't that good?! :)


  1. mau tanya nih denial..

    gimana mau atasi masalah crash yang sering banget terjadi pada mozilla firefox..bagi info sih.

  2. Selamat Pagi , hadir dulu dsini sebelum krja.....

  3. Selamat pagi ... sekedar berkunjung menjenguk sahabat blog ...
    semoga dalam keadaan baik .. amin.

  4. salam kenal dulu....., nanti komentar setelah di translate...

  5. @ biskut : maaf sekali.. utk masalah crash yang sering banget terjadi pada mozilla firefox, saiia bukanlah ahlinya kang.. :( gag berkompeten utk menjawab itu, takutnya nanti malah ngaco :p
    @ Anisayu : iia mbak silahkan :)
    @ John Terro : weww.. saiia gag tau kang.. nii pan cuma review.. :(
    @ bayuputra : terimakasii jengukanya kang.. sehat, amien :)
    @ tuyi : salam kenal juga :)

  6. agy jln2 pagi waktu ujan nh,,

    salam :)

  7. di sini uda berenti kang ujannya :)

  8. selamat malam... datang berkunjung nich :)

  9. selamat malam juga... silahkan mbak :)

  10. Dedicated server is not shared to any other server. It's mainly used on large organization.It's great stuff.

  11. apa harus saiia closed ajja nii thread..?!?!?


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