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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fabulous Fashion

Ready for takeoff

Fabulous Fashion
The one-piece, famous made in the '70s by designers like Halston, emerged this spring with half of the blousy stylish fabrics and feminine forms of governing freedom comparison of mechanical flight. It is very comfortable, I think the only tall, skinny women can wear jumpsuits.. but that's not true is it.

Grecian turn

Fabulous Fashion
While you go to evening wear, it is often with a long black jacket (suitable for life in the conservative, Plenary Hall may be.. :p, felt the pull of one of this season seriously short and beautifully wrapped minidresses. You should wear one every day if it could airbrush your life.

Plenty of flak

Fabulous Fashion
I guess it take risks in life.. more than in fashion, because I was afraid I would be teased for wearing something striking. The uniform is the city - the military jacket, tank (for all mankind) and cargo pants - feels right, even as a head-to-toe uniform. I'm not sure about cargo pants with high heels, but they look very feminine together. Jumping over the fire would be a little difficult.

Hire Me?!


nice info sobat mengenai fashion keluaran baru kah..??

keren sob...
kunjungan balik nih,,,

itu kalau orangna putih kalau gelap seperti saya cocok gak ya pakaiannya hehe.. salam persohiblogan ^_^

@ all : thnx for comin' guys :)

permisi kepada juragan yang punya ni blog, gw mampir di mari ni gan, dari tadi muter-muter dari mbah google, mbah google kasih wangsit buat mampir di blog agan, di postingan agan ini. nais postingan gan, minta ijin dulu nech buat bacanya..

komen :
Mengenai fashion.. sya awam banged..

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suka yang paling terakhir aja..ini desain jadul ya yang digalakkan lg :D

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