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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Another Bricks in The Wall

Another Bricks in The Wall
Wadda...*** Nope! It's obviously not Pink Floyd section. It's just a little trick to blend your font into an object. Lets jump right in and open your bricks stone, wall, metal, or any background image you like. Today we're gonna reveal one of the most effective way to blend some text or even something/image into textured surfaces. What a day!!!

Starting with this textured image...

Go a head duplicate the original texture and turn its Blending Mode down to Color Burn and reduce its Opacity to 68%.

Another Bricks in The Wall

While we’re at it, lets go ahead and add a new Layer, we're gonna type something here.. above the textured layers as I have captured below. I used Arial Black, color white, it's your choice guys to pick any font you like.. lmao.

Another Bricks in The Wall

Next, Right Click the Type Layer and choose Blending Options by Right + Clicking it... Within the Layer Styles main panel, go to the lower left to the Blend If section. Do this separation thing I've done...

Another Bricks in The Wall

We're gonna add a lil' dimension to the font we've created. For the moment, again do that separation just like the previous step, as captured below.

Another Bricks in The Wall

If you go it right, your bricks should now look like mine.. but if not, do not pass go, do not collect $7000, just get yourself back to Step 4 and figure out where you went wrong! Let me tell you something, that tricky part depends on your image size. Explore your own then!

If you followed the directions carefully your image should now resemble the one you see in final blend. If not.. au revoir!

Read Indonesian Version Here!


salam friend
nice post
I know "another bricks in he wall" ,
coz visit and read your article from this blog.
thank for information.

sama-sama... semoga bermangpaat iia mba' :)

Wah..keren ya bos...
Kayak yang di dinding2 itu...
Apa ya namanya..?? :D
Gravity bukan..?? :D

kek nya sii gitu.. graviti iia kang iia...

mampir nih sob...insomnia menyerang...:(

ada yg gak bisa tidur jg ternyata :(

Hello my friend Genial, thank you for the visit and comment, good weekend with happiness and peace. Valter.

wahh ada yg insomnia ternyata... saiia off duluan iia mbak... :)

hua...bagi saya bukan hal yang simple atuh...
makasih tutorialnya ya, teruslah berbagi ilmunya.

mampir pagi-pagi nih..
kang genial selaluuu aja kreatif dan inovatif, keren.

Blog nya di submit ke http://www' mas dan biarkan para blogger menemukannya.

tutorial yg mantep ttg blending..kl bs diperjelas donk tahapnya..

Aduh bhs ingg lagi ! Q gbsa ngartiin smwana ! Wkwkwk !

wew ada lagunya :)tpi ada adny jg nih rada gmn

wah, ini blog yg mana lagi ya? byk iklan muncul nih kalo kemari. he he he...

Makin mantap aja nh tutorial photoshopnya..
maaf baru sempet mampir.. mohon maaf lahir batin ya sob..

Sorry cuma visit aja, gak ngerti artinya, hahaha...

wow, that's cool, i hope i can have your artistic side. :)


maaf baru bisa mampir neh
lagi sibuk ma miyabi

Klo ngantuk kok bahasa inggris ku pada rontok ya..?? he..he...

Salam Cinta Damai dan Kasih Sayang
‘tuk Sahabatku terchayaaaaaaaank sukses selalu yaaaak
I Love U fuuulllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Geni memang jagoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

thanks for coming by....glad to be here!


[dah gk bisa comeng wong gk mudeng... hihi]

IE juga OK sahabat, meski dia kurang bersahabat dng HTML/blog

dah lama ga ke sini, ganti kulit, makin keren aja

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