Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Create a Creepy Bloddy Text

Creepy Bloddy TextCreating Wood Texture? It's soLast year isn't it? Lmao! We've done that section yesterday. This Photoshop text effect tut today gives a breakdown of how I created one of my realistic bloody text in some texture. Wood texture. We learn two different thing today doods, but if you read my
Lautan Berkabut... Eng Ing Eeeng!!! tut, you can leave the first step and straight jump into second and final step of this tut.

We'll learn how to pick some realistic, cute and horror, bloody text effect on wood bark texture, learn some new techniques that you will create in your works. It's a kinda helpful tips along the way.

First Step

Lets jump right in and open a new document by selecting File > New from the main menu or by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N. The size of my working document for this lesson is 1000×600 at 72ppi. First we must create wood textures. To do that, go to Filter > Render > Fibers. Set Variance to 15, Strength= 4, click Ok. You can use Randomize to set more realistic wood texture.

Click Ctrl + S to save this texture as psd file. Remember about diplacement effect tut about makin a realistic water and Creating Leopard Skin or Rock and Stone Textures Hell yeah, this is the similar way to do so. Now we must color our wood. Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Set parameters, Hue = 40, Saturation = 45, Lightness = -20. Do not forget to check the colorize section.

So far, texture looks too light, not so good for the eyes.. so we need to shade it. Go to Image > Adjustments > Curves. Set parameters like image below said:

Creepy Bloddy Text

See the difference between your first image with this one!

Creepy Bloddy Text

Go to Channels on your palette layers. Hold Ctrl and click on RGB channel, we will select light parts of texture. Done?!?! Watch carefully what the image said..

Creepy Bloddy Text

Now we need to go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Select Hue to 100, Saturation = -56.

Creepy Bloddy Text

Go to Edit > Fade. Turn the Opacity down to about 50%. Click Ok and than Ctrl + D, to deselect.

Creepy Bloddy Text

Creepy Bloddy Text

That the result of the First Step!

Step Two

It’s now time to add some text to our document. I pick the Red Color here for the foreground color, then press the T key to invoke the Type tool. Click on the stage to place the cursor and type some text onto it. Notice that when you added the text that Photoshop automatically added a new layer for it.

note: To commit the text, you can either press the Enter key on the 10-key corner of your standard keyboard or click the Check Mark in the Text Tool options bar at the top of Photoshop.

Why LONTONG BERDARAH? Dunno! Just wanna write that down, lmao! Play with the different size of letters. Select Free transform tool and select best text placement for you. Maybe it remained you with this Carbon Fiber Look.. Yupp, this is the same trick I used here!

Creepy Bloddy Text

Go to Filter > Distort > Displace. On pop-up window say Yes, to rasterize text, set Horizontal and Vertical Scale 8 and select psd file that you saved in 1 step. Now your text look little bit creepy.

Creepy Bloddy Text

To make the wood texture looks more realistic, we need to curve it. Activate background layer, click Ctrl + A. Go to Filter > Distort > Spherize, set Mode to Horizontal Only and set amount to 60%. Activate layer with text and click Ctrl + F to repeat this filter to text as well.

Creepy Bloddy Text

Creepy Bloddy Text

Add a new layer, fill it with black color and drag it below background. Activate wood texture on your palette Layer, take Free Transform tool turn down texture width.

Creepy Bloddy Text

Pick Gradient tool (G), take Linear Gradient. Select Foreground to Transparent gradient.

Creepy Bloddy Text

Create new layer. Again take Gradient tool (G) and click in left side and pull to center, it will overshade left side of texture. Do the same with right side.

Creepy Bloddy Text

Now activate text layer and change the Blending mode to Color Burn. Duplicate text layer by pressing Ctrl + J. And to second text layer set Blending mode to Linear Light and set Fill to 30%.

Creepy Bloddy Text

And for the final step, we must add some layer styles to second text layer. Add Bevel and Emboss, set Depth to 40%, size 5 px, soften 0 px.

Creepy Bloddy Text

And Viola! We create creepy bloody text on wood bark texture. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Your job is now complete! Add some tricky blood elements, some more shyt, some more bla bla bla.. see more crazy stuffs in Carbon Fiber Look... go nuts!

For those of you who are wondering how I did for the tricky blood part, it’s all in the Rebuild our FCDB in simple PDF download link and yes.. it's all for free. Enjoy!


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