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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Creating Wood Textures

Creating Wood TexturesThis tutorial will show you how to create original wood textures. Forget about BBR S***!!! It is now important to have focuss on how your picture is going to turn out... unless you are going to do a completely random and full of hate about that service. A dignity will show the basic composition of the pride of your own self, even though you may change onto another brokers. Lmao!

OK... Start off by opening a new 500x300 RGB file.

Choose Filter > Texture > Craquelure. Leave the default set.

Go to Menu Image > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast, then bump the contrast up to about 90. I used 95.

Creating Wood Textures

Choose Filter > Blur > Motion Blur set the Angle to 0 and the Distance to 20 or so. You would have something like the image said below

Creating Wood Textures

Hold the Ctrl + A to select (your whole visible layer) and then Hit the Ctrl + C to copy the selection. On your Palette Layer, choose Channels to open the Channels palette. Create new channel icon by clicking on the right bottom new channel icon. This will create a new channel named Alpha 1. Your image will turn black as the new channel is made visible.

Creating Wood Textures

Creating Wood Textures

Paste here at Alpha 1 channel the texture you've copied earlier. Immediately switch back to Layer. Now click on the Create new layer icon to bring the blank new layer 1 come up. Ctrl + D to deselect.

Fill the foreground color with a sweet delicious brownish color. I used R: 103 G: 68 B: 1.
Press Alt + Backspace to automatically fill the layer with your color selected.

Creating Wood Textures

After that you can go to the menu Filter > Render > Lighting Effects. Play around with the light and the settings until you get something you like. Make sure that the Texture channel is set to Alpha 1 and that White is High is checked.

Creating Wood Textures

Here it is...

Creating Wood Textures


nice post...very usefull...visit me often :)

saya kaget iklane je... kekekeke

wow... aku belum pernah nyoba efek2 yang kaya begituan..

sip nih, bisa jadi bahan rujukan..

wadduh mas gen..
bolak balik mau komentar gagal terus
terkaget-kaget krn iklan

apa khabar mas...makin mantaf nih..tutorialnya :)

halo geni (hahah kok jadi geni) nice post lagi hehehe

Loh, kok bisa jadi gini yah..??
Mantep jadinya, keren....
Tapi kok.....
Pas mw masuk disambengi iklan dulu nih..?? Xixiix...

mantap mas gen.. :)
lama tak berkunjung

great job genial! nice work as always..

selamat malam mas genial........mampir berkunjung setelah jalan-jalan di facebook...........succes for this day...

assalamu alaikum... jumpa lagi kang... sepuranya yang banyak ya.. baru bisa kunjung sekarang.. hehehe..

hi genial. great job! ^_^ You are very good in Photoshop.

btw, i indicated in my blogroll post that my visitors can enter their name in my blogroll and just add my url on their blogroll coz my list screwed up. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I already added your link. If you have other are free to add it there. ^_^. thanks.

Kucatet tipsnya sob. gpp yach kusedot terus ilmunya. Tapi eh kok ada intermezzo "BBR S***" Hahaha jangan emosi Kang :-D

Eh kang, maen dong ke tempatku...

alhamdulillah baik, adek gmn? makin mantap aja nih isi blogmu gmn kbr paypalny skrg?

dropping by here again and hope you'll have a great week genial.

Makin oke aja blok na.... :))

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