Thursday, January 29, 2009

Make a Transparent Image

You guys try to look at the images below. In the first image or a banner or what ever, there is a Background. That picture have a Black background color. But the second picture has a transparent background.

Background image on the first impression with the view that there is. How do I remove the Black background? It's a piece o'cake! We will, we? We'll try to use the example image above.

Here's how:

1. Open photoshop! or depending on you, or whatever you like, I carried at imageready from photoshop application ...

2. Open the file you want the Background to get rid of. In the above sample, the image is the image I used for a banner or something. So ... you can use any simple image for any reason.

3. Take the cake, i mean the real cake from the kitchen, do not forget about the black coffee ... and also the smoke... that's it and that's all!
4. Open the Photoshop, New Layer, choose the magic stick (Magic Wand = W), as seen on the side that we can find on the Toolbar Photoshop .. Then click on the black background image heart. You will click as a lo veiled line interrupted. Look like the picture below.

5. Click the Select> inverse. This is done to reverse the selection of the background color to that picture of heart, so that is selected.

6. Then you drink briefly the hot coffee. Try to go to Menu > Edit> Copy for copying the image.

6. Click the File Menu > New for opening a new file. Dialog box appears (Figure below). Note the Contents, in this select Transparent, then OK.

7. On photoshop, will open a new blank page, as shown in the picture below

8. Click the Edit > Menu> Paste. The image will appear on the blank page with the background as we want at the beginning of this paper, namely Transparent.

9. Save the image page in GIF format. Do not forget at the time appear Indexed Color dialog box, check on the Transparency. You've got the image with a transparent background.

10. DJI Sam Soe, eh? Enjoy it!!! Hehehe ...

O 'yes ... So ... it's DONE!

View Indonesian Version Here!

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