Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Working with FrontPage

What may often see the words that begin with three letters, namely WWW followed behind him with a variety of names, for example, www richest,,, or even WWW is an abbreviation of World Wide Web (Web), which is the address of a company website. WWW is made easier for us to surf in the virtual world, this Internet world, this suck world.

Initially, the Internet requires us to learn a lot of the hard-not-use only, but also to get data from computers connected to the Internet. If we want to retrieve a data from a computer using the UNIX operating system (I honestly give up what UNIX is, pink); retrieve a data from the VAX computer (let alone this one) that use the operating system VMS (what the hell is that???) so.. we need to know commands for VMS. Internet is working, but still difficult to use.

Until in 1992, Tim Barners-Lee and other researchers introduced the web, which allows users like you and me and we are all, exploring this stupid internet without having to know the commandments meticulous earlier.

Following years, a web browser such as Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer made the webbecome easier, remember that time certainly has not been born a wolf in the fires that have been very familiar in our eyes such as Fire Fox, Opera, Skype and all other fucking browser.

The key to create a web Hypertext is a method to connect the blocks or pages of data that was first introduced in 1960 (a bit of a younger self, lmao!). However, do not forget to breathe while, drink your hot coffee that has been provided, this is only valid until 1990, when Lee Barners with colleagues to implement the concept of hypertext in the Internet via HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). HTTP through this World Wide Web was born.

Up to this second, there are millions of websites. You can access all the information that covers many topics, running a web-based business, and even you can also learn about the web and Technology behind.


Website is a collection of web pages connected to each other and the related files with others. In a website, there is a page that we known as home page. Home page is a page the first time we can see, the first time we access when we want to enter a site. This is the home page of the visitors, that we can continue to click on a hyperlink to move from one page to another page that is in the course website.

A home page, usually a file with the name index.htm or Index.html. So if we are required later -who knows- that requires a page to create a website, we should be using to keep the format of the earlier in index.htm or index.html.

Web pages and HTML

Key to create a web is -outside the diligence, tenacity, luck and prayer- is HTML, of course, Hypertext Markup Language. Use the HTML code, called tags, to define the format and text on a web page. Concrete example that we usually see, you may often play with the blog, whether the laptop, myspace whatever, it is not deliberate, you certainly never saw the tag we just. Admit it!! Yupp, they can be when we peeping by fraudulent blog. Layout? What kinds of food is that???!!!!

HTML tags, I just let the web browser how to format text and graphics place. Hyperlink, for example, the withdrawal housemaid in the house, let us help to find other pages on the internet and show exactly in front of us congoran.

One thing that needs to be, at this time is a web programming language or use a script that is made known to the language, such as Microsoft or VBScript and JavaScript. Wuihhh .. Not bad for a daunting one if this should appear at this time also.. Fortunately not!

Scripts are included in the web pages (that's what I'm talkin 'about!), Where they handle formatting, image and multimedia display routine as other programming languages. Pay attention in case of maintenance. Hisap roko 'on the left hand slowly lo, the heavens blow the smoke to loose!

How new, more sophisticated to handle various jobs related to the script is by using Dynamic HTML (DHTML). With DHTML, we-we dongo that this can create a simple animation and various other light effects.

If lo glance HTML tags in the picture above, lo may be re-thinking that it is very difficult to learn will be making a web page. Then? Mundurlah us! Many are concerned attendance at all the default device, tersematkan blessings from the windows, which is always our polecat when we insist a YM screen in front of us, because the bug show that there is no interest from culminate kojoman us. Hell Yeah! FrontPage! With this one tool, such as a cecunguk gk need to learn anything related to the HTML programming language, script or DHTML code and code-beringas serabutan other, except sampeyan really want it, want to be able to understand and more familiar with the code is quackery.

With FrontPage, live type the desired text on the web page, place a picture or even the desired sound, video, metal, selingkuhan video, it's ... FrontPage submit the request to deal with all that we usually have to write the script lo DHTML or before that. Using FrontPage, by using the same simple application akangnya the accident was the first virtual world of Microsoft Word.


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