Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hosting File

This may be one word that is no longer strange to hear in the ear. But for some people, said this one is still a mystery that irresolvable. The mystery is frustrating that I always gotta headache. Outside the searching activity for domain names, hosting is often said with the domain name earlier in the session.

Hosting and domain are two things that can not be separated when talking about the work and or in connection with the website, design and so forth.

Perhaps for the second problem, a problem that is a Domain name I will touch more interested in the coincidence that the same one that is hosting. Following explanation may be, this is maybe, can help further to clarify what is the one that horrible term.

We can say this with the term hosting, web server. Web server is a place where web pages and data related to the website for us, so it can be accessed and viewed by others. We often heard my term 'lo maen di friendstertalk-linker' ... So, web hosting server is more or less like that. Linker? What is that?!!

There are 3 ways that can do a lo have a webserver, that is, lo can choose web hosting, dedicated hosting or co-location.

Web hosting

To have a web server is very expensive cost, and of course lo tekhnisi must have to run it. Here, a web hosting solution. Web hosting provides a place on the Internet to create a website, and you put some files and datas related to your web of course.

Here is an example of hosting server, Photobucket, Ripway, Rapidshare, 4shared, 2shared, uploadhouse and many more millions of hosts that i couldn't mention again... then happy hunting!


  1. woy bahasa indonesia aja donk pala gw puyeng nih kan loe tau otak gw cm se upil doank


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