Friday, September 28, 2012

Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On - Solo Section

Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On

Today is the day... This is pretty much awesome i believe :) Dream Theater album theme..  "Metropolis" is about a guy named Nicholas who split personality and is undergoing hypnotherapy (regression). He always feel persecuted by the person named Victoria Page.. she?! or he..?!?! is the one who becomes the other Nicholas..

Victoria Page is a girl murdered in 1928, while Nicholas is a young man who lived in 1999 ..
"Move on, be brave .. do not weep at my grave
because i am no longer here, but please
never let your memory of me .. disappear! "

Since this is the last song, so... from the very first part into the ending / anti-climax of the story above. Where Nicholas was freed from Victoria Page.. so here it is :)



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