Monday, October 01, 2012

Queen - Love of my life

In addition to Queen.. Freddie strengths also lie with guitarist Brian May, who is also get a doctorate in astronomy. With Red special homemade guitar (made when she was 17 years old with his father), produces shrill sound, like a violin tone was very mystical.

Great game in concocting effects and multi tracking. In addition it may also masterful symphonies effect guitar on the song "keep your self alive" and "killer queen".

A little-known.. Brian may also good at playing a musical instrument harp on the song "Love of my life"-wrenching. Combined with Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar while also harp, and the voice of Freddie Mercury vocals are terrible, making the song Love of my life is always ambush the feeling of listening to, and make us "soar and shocked".

So here it is.. Enjoy the tab of Queen - Love of my life!

Queen - Love of my life

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