Sunday, October 07, 2012

Pantera - Cowboys From Hell

In the early 80's.. Thrash Metal really got produces an artistic masterpiece just like Master of puppets, Metallica (elektra 1996) or the you know who..? :p, and then.. Reign in Blood, Slayer (American 1986), and ofcourse.. Arise, Sepultura (Road runner 1991).

Slayer proned as The King of Underground Metal during the first decade and is still revered to this day, but perhaps, the greatest thrash metal band Pantera (with the Cowboys From Hell) was the last official concert held 101 proof (Eastwest).

Here's the tab... Enjoy!

Hire Me?!

Go get the Outro from this song :)
Or simply pick these links..

Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Intro and Rhythm
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Solo
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell - The Outro


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