Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On - Rhythm Section

Remember about Dream Theater - The Spirit Carries On - Solo Section that we share here couple days ago?!? Here comes the Rhythm Section of it. Grief perceived as Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy chose to leave. But now when Portnoy asked again, Dream Theater's new drummer chose to hold auditions to select a replacement candidate Mike Portnoy.

After seven drummers auditioned for the choice ultimately fell to Mike Mangini. Discography Mike Mangini and supportive to be able to join Dream Theater.

Hire Me?!

At the time of the audition was Mike Mangini looks to offset odd time signatures odd aka knock-knock, which is one main ingredient progressive metal. Jamming consists of three stages plays hits include "A Nightmare to Remember" and "The Spirit Carries On", and then jamming session in which participants were asked to follow and improvise audition, of course, with odd time signatures earlier.

In the first stage of the audition, the "A Nightmare to Remember, Mike Mangini seemed" eloquent "plays lik-lik commonly played by Mike Portnoy. Here Mike Mangini looked so precision and attention to detail. While on stage jamming, Mike was able to follow odd time signatures smoothly.

The Spirit Carries On - Rhythm Section



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