Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kansas - Dust In The Wind

Kansas - Dust In The Wind guitar tab
I myself had forgotten where I get this such recorded Private Collection of R 052 tape series.. But definitely after decades, in about past twenty years, in fact, the tape is still the prime glorious sound quality.

If you look in the release of the album "Schemer Dreamer" in 80 years, this means the year when SW Puspa join in Kansas after working on the "Audio-Visions".

Although a few years later he re-joined (again). Become more interesting, when SW is no longer in Kansas, which went on to release a solo album, some personnel Kansas still help. Recorded Kerry Livgren, Phil Ehart and Rich Williams. On the other hand claim to sweeten his musical SW relying on Allen Sloan (Dixie Dregs) plays viola.

Well ... if you guys remembered the sound of the viola, is not in Kansas often we hear it? Try to remember the "Dust In The Wind", "The Wall", "Point Of Know Return" and other songs. There are 7 songs in SW's first solo album with a varied musical touch. There is a ballad just like "Just How It Feels", the only predominantly piano and stringed viola as the opening song.

After that, "Wait Until Tomorrow", Steve sings with tempo slowly coupled with that terrible guitar and drums beating Phil Ehart is also not less dasyatnya. In the third track list "Every Step Of The Way", a song which is popular with shades of pop rock. Herb rock n 'roll in the "Schemer Dreamer / That's All Right", the guitar Rich Williams is on this song.

Kansas - Dust In The Wind guitar tab.. well this is it!

As a closing song on side A "Get Too Far", very nge rock. There are still 2 remaining songs that occupy this side, just like "So Many Nights" and "You Think You Got It Made". In the song that Kerry Livgren Puspa colleague Steve in Kansas took part. So ... for those who have these tapes.. you're ROCK \m/. Especially on the B side, you can find also a group of Canadian trio there..

Hire Me?!

Just.. keep in touch guys.. and enjoy the tab of  Kansas - Dust In The Wind!


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