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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pentatonic Scale 4

Pentatonic ScaleOkay, so what happens if you do not want to play the minor pentatonic in the key of C: Well, now you need to move to a more significant scale. The transfer simply means moving a bowl, we combine all items with one or more of the fundamental.

If he wants pentatonic minor to play instead of E minor pentatonic, you have to first place, starting in the low E note 5 frets, so the first note of the position 1

Note: All other positions must sneak around the neck 5 frets too, so that their relationships with each other, remains the same.

Of course, something more slides octave (12th fret) appear at the bottom of the neck, because the same notes.

If you already know that the E minor pentatonic (and should have, if you are here), you can follow the chart and you see what I mean.

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Please note that we have a root, and this is where the first place to start.

It should be noted that even in the same position in the positions of the root, as they were before, the only thing changed is that the whole thing slipped 5 frets.

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