Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good Design Practices with Tuan Tanah Kedawung

Tuan Tanah Kedawung or what we so called.. The Kedawung Landlord is a 1970 Indonesian film directed by Lilik Sudjio and starring Suzanna and Awaludin. This film is an adaptation of a comic story by a famous comic artist Ganes TH
The story of the struggle of treasures in the days of the landlords, the Dutch era. Kedawung Landlord (Awaludin), sad to see his first wife died. This is exactly what his young wife expected, Zubaedah. With the help of the cashier Samirun and Mirta, the illegitimate son of Samirun-Zubaedah, but acknowledged as the son of the Kedawung Landlord, Zubaedah easily removes her husband with poison. To seize his property he tried to use Sarkawi, their hit-man to harm Giran (Dicky Suprapto). This business failed.

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  1. rajin sekali latihan design nya ^^

    1. iya om.. betewe kemana ajja om gag nongol2 ckckck
      suwun sanged yoo atas amfirannya (Y)


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