Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pentatonic Scale 1

Pentatonic ScalePentatonic minor scale

Welcome to the pentatonic smaller scale. This scale is often called blues scale, but stay away from this name because many people have different ideas about what is or is not like the blues scale.

This scale is very simple introduction of scales and performance scales. This is one of the most used and most popular songs, especially classic rock, blues, hard rock, and more can be found. Since this scale is used so usually begins with a full scale.

Play pentatonic minor scale

Minor pentatonic scale has five (5) notes scale (Penta means five). So the pentatonic scale is a five tons scale.

There are five (5) Position determine the pentatonic scale. (If you do not know what "position" refers to conditions page.) You will learn all five positions in this range, and where to play the guitar.

First, we choose a key that we play a scale. For simplicity in this course will learn most of the stones in key of E, and then implement them later to discuss the different keys.

E pentatonic minor scale, played in the key of E, this means that E is our root note. This means that the full scope and methods of use will center around the note E. We will cover that in more detail when we reach "way of expression."

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So far, the following table shows all the e minor pentatonic scale, showing how it appears on neck guitar (bass players only have the lower 4 strings).


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