Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Design Practices with Petualangan Ganesh

Ganesha is one of the famous Gods in Hinduism and much revered by Hindus, who possess the title as God of knowledge and intelligence, God of protector/Disaster and God of wisdom. His paintings and sculptures are found throughout India; Including Nepal, Tibet and Southeast Asia. In reliefs, sculptures and paintings, he often depicted elephant-headed, four-armed and fat-bodied.

He is also known by the name Ganapati, Winayaka and Pilleyar. In the puppet tradition, he is called Bhatara Gana, and is considered one of the sons of Bhatara Guru (Shiva). Various sects in Hinduism worship him regardless of group. The worship of Ganesha is so vast as to spread to Jaina, Buddhists and outside India.

Although he is known to have many attributes, his elephant head makes it easy to recognize. Ganesha is famous as the "Exterminator of all obstacles" and is more commonly known as the "Gods at work" and "God of all odds" (Wignesa, Wigneswara), "Patron of art and science", and "God of intelligence and wisdom". He is respected at the start of a ceremony and is called as the protector / observer of the writing when the need to write in a ceremony. Some books contain a mystical anecdote associated with his birth and explain certain features.

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  1. Ah..gak mudeng mah kalo buat design kayak gini :D
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      suwun yoo (Y)

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    anyway, salam semangat kemerdekaan!

    1. saiia sendiri juga bingung kang heheh
      salam semangat kemerdekaan juga!

  3. selamat hari pahlawan!!!


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