Tuesday, August 09, 2011

My first guitar lesson - Killer Lead Guitar Made Simple

Dream Theater in My Bed - My first guitar lesson

Howdy guys..?!?! Let me tell you about my first guitar lesson.

Man - I was a naive kid when I first walked into the teacher's room. I didn't know which end of the guitar was up. I didn't know a single note, a damn chord, or what the strings did. I was more dazed and confused than a drunk muskrat flying blindfolded in a wind tunnel.

Well.. my 1st lesson was basically teaching me the parts of the guitar. It wasn’t very glamorous, was it?!?! Lol... Plus, I spent over $3500 cost nothing on guitar lessons in a few short months. But still.. I was desperate to learn as much as I could because I was going away to college the next year. Good GOD!

Hire Me?!

So.. here I am.. Steve Vai's green light bulbs were still flashing in my brain. Eventually I learned how to play, I joined bands, and I continued to improve and develop as a bad musician. I started teaching and putting out my own line of instruction videos.

One of them is called Killer Lead Guitar Made Simple and the title is fairly self explanatory. The cool news is that you can save a fortune on lessons. You can grab this course and learn what I learned in those first few months of lessons.


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